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7 best films of the 74th Cannes film festival that are worthy of the audience's attention
7 best films of the 74th Cannes film festival that are worthy of the audience's attention

On July 17, 2021, the 74th Cannes Film Festival finished its work. If it were not for the covid-19 pandemic, the jubilee 75th festival could have been held this year, but filmmakers are already glad that the Cannes Film Festival took place this year, albeit at an unusual time. As always, he presented viewers and critics with many bright premieres, was able to surprise with new names and unexpected directorial decisions.

"Titan", France, Belgium, directed by Julia Ducourneau

Still from the movie "Titan"

This film was awarded the Palme d'Or, and its director became the second woman to receive the highest award in the history of the Cannes Film Festival. The main character, as a result of her childhood trauma, became the carrier of a titanium plate in her head. She does not like people, but she adores technology and is able to indulge in lovemaking with a car. But the main thing that this girl, who can easily turn into a young man, longs for, is just her father's love. Not everyone will be able to digest this picture, but those who watch it from start to finish will understand which films are most appreciated in Cannes.

"Hero", France, Iran, director Asghar Farhadi

A still from the film "Hero"

The film, which won the Grand Prix of the festival and the Fran├žois Chalet Prize, tells the story of an awkward person who became a hostage to social networks and mired in debt, because of which he ended up in an Iranian prison. True, he is sometimes allowed to go home for a couple of days to see his son and his beloved woman. And one day, on the way back to prison, he finds a bag of gold coins, which he decides to return to the rightful owner.

"Unclenching his fists", Russia, director Kira Kovalenko

A still from the film "Unclenching his fists"

The painting by the student of Alexander Sokurov won the Grand Prix in the "Unassigned Look" program. It tells the story of the Zaur family living in a small mining town in North Ossetia. The children of Zaur are simply suffocating in their father's strong arms and are striving with all their might to open the grip of exorbitant love, however, this is not at all easy.

"Coupe number six", Finland, Estonia, Russia, Germany, directed by Juho Kuosmanen

A still from the movie Coupe Six

The film won the Grand Prix of the jury. Two people meet in the compartment of the Moscow-Murmansk train: a student from Finland and a somewhat rude Russian miner. It seems that they simply cannot have anything in common, but they are united by loneliness and longing for the simplest human relationships.

"Memory", Colombia, Thailand, France, Germany, Mexico, Qatar, Great Britain, China, Switzerland, directed by Apitchatpon Weerasetakul

A still from the film "Memory"

The film "Thai David Lynch", as the director is called, was probably one of the most anticipated in the program of the Cannes Film Festival. Although the film did not win the Palme d'Or, it won the Jury Prize, and critics called it a fascinating and confusing meditation at the intersection of spiritual isolation and renewal. It all started with the fact that the main character, Jessica, who was engaged in orchid breeding in Scotland, was forced to come to Colombia to take care of her sister, who was in a state of sleep. But at some point, Jessica loses not only peace, but also her composure. The sounds she hears at night keep her awake and distressing.

"Ahed's Knee", France, Israel, Germany, director Nadav Lapid

A still from the film "Ahed's Knee"

Despite the fact that film critics received the film ambiguously, he was able to win the Jury Prize.According to critics, the picture of an Israeli filmmaker fully reflects the genius of the creator, but at the same time it seems overly politicized and overflowing with feelings. As a result, it turned out to be a kind of chaotic embodiment of these two components.

Get behind the wheel of my car, Japan, directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi

A still from the movie "Get behind the wheel of my car."

The adaptation of Haruki Murakami's story won three awards at once: the Best Screenplay Prize, the FIPRESCI Prize and the Ecumenical (Christian) Jury Prize. According to the plot, Kafuku, mourning the death of his wife, agrees to stage a multilingual play "Uncle Vanya" in Hiroshima. True, no one else will let him drive him after his wife died in a car accident, and he was driving at that time. A modest girl Misaki becomes the director's driver.

The film festival held annually in France is famous not only for its program and high-profile premieres. Representatives of the world of cinema consider it not just a competition, but a whole way of life, subject to certain rules and a strict dress code. And also at the ceremonies of the Cannes Film Festival loud curiosities and scandals constantly happen, related to the statements or behavior of artists, directors, journalists and paparazzi.

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