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How is the relationship of British princes William and Harry with their mother-in-law
How is the relationship of British princes William and Harry with their mother-in-law

The relationship between mother-in-law and son-in-law often becomes a topic for anecdotes, and sometimes one of the reasons for the breakup of a young family. It is usually not easy to build relationships for a young married couple, but the situation is complicated many times when relatives from any side begin to "help" in this difficult matter. And the royal families are no exception in this regard. Did Princes William and Harry manage to win the hearts of their wives' mothers?

Duke of Cambridge

Prince William

It is known that the wife of Prince William has always been very close to her mother, Carol Middleton. While preparing for her wedding, Kate was very worried that the duties of a member of the royal family would affect her relationship with the family, and communication would not be as frequent as before. Allegedly, she even asked her future husband, regardless of the protocols, to give her the opportunity to see her parents as often as possible.

But the eldest son of Princess Diana was not going to prevent this. Kate Middleton's parents, at the very beginning of their daughter's relationship with the prince, received their future son-in-law with all possible warmth. In the house of Kate, an amazing atmosphere of love reigned in general, which amazed the prince.

Carol Middleton

Carol, with her attitude towards him, reminded William of his mother, Princess Diana, and even in some way was able to replace her. The Duke of Cambridge not only complied with his wife's request, but even began to include family members of the wife in the guest list of almost all royal events, considering them to be his own people. He went with his wife to her parents for the Christmas holidays, risking being accused of violating royal traditions, and even lived in their house after the birth of his eldest son, Prince George.

Carol Middleton and Prince George

Prince William and Carol Middleton's relationship is more like a mother-son relationship. Carol is always ready to support her son-in-law, give him wise advice and comfort him in a difficult situation, as it was after his younger brother moved to the United States. Carol herself never agrees to an interview without first obtaining the approval of Kate's husband.

According to insiders, Kate's mom acts on Prince William as a sedative. He always feels very comfortable with her.

Duke of Sussex

Prince Harry

The relationship between Princess Diana's youngest son and his mother-in-law can only be judged by the words he said in an interview with the BBC after his engagement to Meghan Markle and his acquaintance with her mother, Doria Ragland. Then Prince Harry enthusiastically declared: "She is amazing!"

Doria Ragland herself treated her future son-in-law with all the cordiality. And how could you not fall in love with a man who was ready to do anything for the sake of a wedding with her daughter. Over time, it became clear: the spouse and children occupy a more important place in the prince's life than royal traditions.

Doria Ragland

It was Meghan Markle's mother who first learned that the Dukes of Sussex want to abandon the duties of members of the royal family and lead an ordinary life, not bound by protocols and strict rules. Prince Harry himself told Doria about his plans and asked her advice regarding the situation.

For Prince Harry, Doria also partly replaced her mother, giving him her warmth, love and sympathy. When the Dukes of Sussex moved to Canada and then to America, the prince and mother Meghan became even closer. The Dukes of Sussex had a hard time.Moral pressure, public attention and misunderstandings from the members of the royal family could not but affect their well-being. During this difficult time, Doria Ragland became a real support for them.

Prince Harry and Doria Ragland

For the first time she even lived with her daughter's family, helping the spouses settle in a new place and devoting a lot of time to her grandson Archie. By the way, the prince consulted with her when he was going to make a romantic gift for his wife's birthday.

After the birth of Lilibet, the daughter of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Doria Ragland again moved to the house of the Dukes of Sussex. She deals with all household issues and does a lot of household chores so that young parents can devote more time to their children and at least occasionally rest.

The two grandsons of Queen Elizabeth II have been very friendly with each other over the years. The relationship between the princes was never discussed, and, in general, there was nothing to talk about: the brothers did not conflict, and after the death of Princess Diana in 1997, Harry and William became even closer. Why then everything has changed over the past few years, and princes William and Harry became almost enemies?

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