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How the Yeralash star ruined her best friend's marriage: Anna Tsukanova-Kott's spicy romance
How the Yeralash star ruined her best friend's marriage: Anna Tsukanova-Kott's spicy romance

Anna Tsukanova-Kott is a theater and film actress, TV presenter and singer who became famous for her filming in Yeralash and Eighties. Basically, Anna plays secondary roles, but there are a lot of works in her filmography. Despite the lack of prominent roles and an ordinary appearance, the girl was lucky to marry a director, whom she met at the age of seven. But recently, juicy details were revealed that Anna had an affair with actor Vladimir Epifantsev, who was the husband of her friend.

Path to actress

Actress Anna Tsukanova was born in Tver, in a family of creative people. When the future actress was two years old, the family moved to Moscow. But in the capital, the family life of the parents collapsed due to problems and everyday situations. My father moved to the United States, where he successfully took up the restaurant business.

After filming in "Yeralash" there was no doubt that Anna would become an actress

The mother remained in Moscow, having enrolled her daughter in a theater school, since she was located next to their house. Already at the age of seven, Anna was noticed by Boris Grachevsky because of her ability to play acting. Since then, she began acting in the Yeralash newsreel. After that, it became clear to everyone that the girl would become an actress. Therefore, when the time came to choose a university, her choice fell on the Shchukin school. While still a student, Anna has already starred in various films.

But fame gave the girl the role of Katya Polyakova in the popular TV series "The Eighties" (2011), which was so popular with the audience that they filmed four whole seasons. And in the film "Parallel lines intersect at infinity" (2015), the actress played the main role, which is quite rare for her. In this picture, there are many scenes of an erotic nature, so Anna had to act in the nude more than once.

The series "Eighties" glorified Anna Tsukanova-Kott

At this time, the filmography of the actress consists of more than seventy roles in films and TV shows. Anna is quite scrupulous when choosing projects to which she is invited. In her opinion, it is better to play just an episode in a decent film than the main role in a work that she does not like.

Personal life

The history of the relationship between Anna and her husband is quite interesting, and, perhaps, is worthy of the script of some romantic film. Anna met her husband, who is sixteen years older than the actress, in the first grade. They met on the set of Yeralash, where director Alexander Kott filmed the first episode with her participation. Then fate pitted future spouses more than once on various shootings.

The actress met her husband Alexander when she was still in first grade

Since Anna actually grew up without a father, she lacked the support and advice of an adult man. She found all this in Alexandra, to whom she repeatedly turned for help. The director's opinion about her work in various projects was very important to Anna. He helped her with the choice of the university, as well as the repertoire for admission, explained how to behave in front of the selection committee. He also helped her with work, inviting her to his projects.

When the actress was fifteen years old, their relationship moved to another stage. Moreover, the initiative was shown by a girl who herself confessed to the director her feelings. Alexander was passionate about his career, so he tried not to be distracted by women.Such a confession from a young girl was flattering to him, but he took all her feelings, warmth and attention for youthful love, which soon, as he thought, would pass. But it was not there.

Anna always achieves her cherished goal both in the movies and in her personal life

When the actress was eighteen years old, she announced to her lover that she was expecting a child from him. Soon the couple had a son, but the couple was in no hurry to formalize their relationship, citing the director's workload at work. To indicate the seriousness of their relationship, Anna took a double surname, without waiting for the official list.

Ten years after the birth of their first child, the couple had a daughter. Perhaps the birth of the long-awaited baby influenced, or maybe just a coincidence, but a month later Anna and Alexander decided to formalize their relationship. They went to this decision for quite a long time, as many as twelve years of marriage.

These are the outfits Anna and Alexander chose for the wedding. In the photo with a family friend Vladimir Krestovsky

The couple decided not to arrange a magnificent celebration, and they chose non-traditional outfits for painting. The actress and director came to the registry office in jeans and white T-shirts. Only the most relatives were present at the painting, including their two children. After the ceremony, the newlyweds went about their business. The actress announced her new status using a photo posted on her Instagram profile with the caption: “I just got married. Seems…"

An affair with actor Vladimir Epifantsev

On the set of one project, the actress met and made friends with Anastasia Vedenskaya, as well as her husband Vladimir Epifantsev, who had been married since 2004. Their union seemed strong, despite, let's say, her husband's shocking behavior. In the marriage there were tantrums, scandals, betrayal and even fights. But, despite all the hardships, the spouses loved each other, especially since they had two sons growing up. Anna quickly joined this family and became her best friend.

Anna quickly joined the family of Epifantsev and Vedenskaya

Anastasia is not so flattering about her friendship with Anna now. Perhaps her husband's betrayal left its mark, or maybe she did not consider her such a friend. According to Anastasia, Anna helped Vladimir in everything, was, so to speak, a comfortable and helpful errand girl. She could bring breakfast to the Epifantsev family in the morning, and then stay with them almost all day, helped the actor find various props for filming, and so on.

As Anastasia recalls, Anna and her family were too much in their life with her husband. Once, when Tsukanova-Kott was doing repairs at her house, she was allowed to live with her son in the Epifantsevs' apartment while they were abroad. As it soon became clear, Anna moved there with her entire family, including her mother. When Anastasia wanted to put all the “i's” points, Anna, as if by chance, interrupted her with her hugs and pleasant words that she loved her very much and treated her like her sister.

Anastasia recalls how her husband told her that she is too distrustful of people, and Anna really loves her and wishes only good for their family. But, despite all the convictions of her husband, Vedenskaya was wary of her friend. After all, she, as it seemed to her, even imitated Anastasia's style, choosing similar clothes and cosmetics.

Anna Tsukanova-Kott with Vladimir Epifantsev and Pavel Derevyanko

Even the wife of Epifantsev believes that her friend often manipulated her. For example, if Anastasia did not want to go somewhere with her or to go, Anna immediately took offense and began to cry. At such moments, there were cases when Anna's mother came to calm her daughter, giving her soothing teas and remedies, and all this happened in the Epifantsevs' apartment, which terribly infuriated the hostess.

Perhaps, Anastasia would have continued to be friends with Anya, if not for the accidentally revealed circumstances that forever crossed out the girls' friendship, and, in fact, the marriage with Vladimir. The first guesses about the betrayal of a spouse with a friend appeared on the set of the second part of the four-part film “Flint. Liberation”, where Epifantsev, as in the first part, was involved not only in the main role, but also as a director. Here, his wife Anastasia was filmed in the main female role.And for the second female role they called their friend Anna.

Since Vladimir went to bed late and got up early during the filming, the husband suggested that Anastasia take a separate room so that she could get enough sleep. By coincidence or not, the room was on a different floor. Once Anastasia decided to stay overnight with her husband. I went to his room, hugged her sleeping husband and accidentally woke him up. He quickly ran into the bathroom with a telephone.

And literally a few seconds later, Anastasia receives a message: "Don't come today, I have Nastya." When his wife asked what all this meant, he replied that he had mixed up when he was awake. He said that he wrote this message to Anna, as she visited him because of poor health. Later, after reading the correspondence between her husband and girlfriend, it turned out that her closest people had betrayed her.

It turned out that they had already traveled together more than once, while the wife thought they were on the set. It also turned out that once Anastasia took her husband to the airport on a business trip, and after waiting for his wife to leave, he called a taxi and went to Anna, having spent all the "shooting" days with her. When Anastasia found out about all this, she asked the housekeeper to collect the things of the unfaithful spouse and put them outside the door.

As for Vladimir, he has his own version of what happened. He considers Anna a holy woman who helped him a lot in a difficult situation. She was just like a lifeline for an actor, giving him again happiness, joy, harmony and freedom. He considers their communication with Anna the best and turning point in his life. By the way, according to the actor, he still communicates warmly with her and loves her very much.

Actor Vladimir Epifantsev considers Anna an angel sent to him by God

The actor believes that Anna did a lot of good things for Anastasia too, charging her with positive and cheerfulness. According to him, after communicating with Anna, his wife even transformed. But, unfortunately, I have not yet fully realized the simple, but at the same time important things of the feminine principle. He believes that a woman should help her man feel like God, and then she will see what a calm, kind and loving man is next to her.

The relationship between Vladimir and Anastasia was in limbo for a long time, but in 2018 the wife still filed for divorce. The actor did not hide that their relationship collapsed due to his constant betrayal. Moreover, he confessed that he had many girls over the years of marriage, including those of easy virtue.

Vladimir justifies himself by the fact that a person is so arranged, he will always look for where he is calm, comfortable and good. With his wife, there were less and less such feelings, and more and more often quarrels, tantrums, fights. Despite the fact that they are connected by many good memories, there was no more love in their family.

But about Anna, he speaks much more tenderly, telling that there was friendship, love, warmth and tenderness. The actor considers her an angel, whom the Lord himself sent to him so that he would not die. He also recalls how Tsukanova-Kott separated them from his wife in a fit of quarrels. In general, the actor considers the appearance of Anna in his life salvation and happiness. But Vladimir so clearly did not admit to treason with Anna, saying that he could only say that he did not compete with his wife in holiness.

Anna did not comment on the affair with Vladimir at all. She continues to maintain the image of a happy wife and mother. There is a possibility that by such adultery she tried to make up for her youth that had not worked up, but in any case, Anna made her choice in favor of her husband-director.

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