17 funny, ambiguous pictures of pets: "Your dog must be broken"
17 funny, ambiguous pictures of pets: "Your dog must be broken"

Being a dog is hard work. They must vigilantly defend their home from the postman and other government officials. Their difficult duties include driving like madmen through the streets, catching balls, sticks and other equipment. A real dog just has to spend hours begging for food, even though he just ate it. At the same time, he still needs to vigilantly make sure that their owner certainly feels like the most beloved person in the world. Naturally, such a number of duties can tire the animal and lead it to overload.

When dogs are out of line, things can really take an incredibly funny turn. For example, they can begin to climb furniture or freeze in a very strange position, completely detached from our mortal world. You never know in advance. Each case is different. In fact, the way our pets choose to solve their "problems" directly depends on their severity …

My dog, Beak. This is his best shot, showing his menacing teeth He collected all the balls that he found in the house, and then lay down and lay there for more than 10 minutes This is what I come home to every day

One thing is certain. Strange, somewhat crazy things often end up in the r / WhatsWrongWithYourDog subreddit. This is where people post pictures of their pets acting weird and it's a lot of fun.

Before and after the game

This resource, r / WhatsWrongWithYourDog, already has 984,000 members. So if you like it (to be honest, if you take a look, you will definitely like it), consider becoming a part of the community, they are just barely a million short.

I have a live camera so I can see what my dogs are doing while I am at work. And that's what Made a friend, being very cool and normal actually

The founder of the community says, “I honestly created this subreddit because dogs are dumb. Sincere, lovely dumbass ".

I was told that she played all 9 hours in kindergarten

“I wanted people to have a place where they could share funny moments from the silly life of their pets. Let the rest get together, admire, point fingers and laugh,”added the creator of r / WhatsWrongWithYourDog.

It's just her face. She is the sweetest dog in the world. But she constantly looks disappointed in us Favorite photo of my pug. There is no hole in the grass

It is important to note that this subreddit is by no means taunting dogs or their owners. It is forbidden to post about injured or dead dogs there - no matter how heartbroken people are, this simply is not the place for such content. Hate and other types of (verbal) abuse are also unacceptable. This is a safe place - community members don't laugh at mongrels, they laugh with them.

After walking in the snow, Arlo is ready for Paris Fashion Week She sits like an alien spider This is how he sits

"I made a similar subreddit for cats, so when the world depresses you, when you are bored and bitter - come to us for joy for the eyes and consolation for the soul."

Men and women fled in terror as the creature emerged from the depths You must be watching a terrifying horror movie

When it comes to the causes of the most popular dog malfunctions, the founder of r / WhatsWrongWithYourDog said mirrors are more likely to provoke pets. “Also, dogs can sleep in any position, as if their bones were jelly. They have no shame and they are the best creatures on the planet!”He concluded.

You already know how ???

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