A skilled knitter creates culinary masterpieces that are indistinguishable from the original
A skilled knitter creates culinary masterpieces that are indistinguishable from the original

Looking at these incredibly delicious and luxuriously served dishes, I want to try them right there. However, if you get closer and take a closer look, you immediately start laughing. This is admitted by many who have ever seen a "product" made by Kate Jenkins. The fact is that she is a craftswoman and all her seafood masterpieces, assorted vegetables, spectacular toasts and even rolls are knitted of wool.

Wool seafood

Keith lives in South Wales. She fell in love with crocheting as a child and by profession she is a knitwear artist. However, she is not going to be content with making ordinary hats and sweaters. The 47-year-old woman became famous in her country and even abroad for her "knitting and gastronomic" abilities.

Kate Jenkins became interested in crocheting at the age of eight, but she felt her true calling only 12 years ago

Of course, she is not the first of those craftswomen who tried to crochet vegetables, fruits or, say, cakes for fun, but Kate's “dishes” are so realistic that each of them can rightfully be called a masterpiece.

Keith's dishes are striking in their originality and precision of details Masterpieces knitted of woolen threads

“, - laughs Kate, -.

She is able to bind everything that is edible

Kate's first exhibition-presentation was a recreation of a cafe in London, all dishes of which were, of course, knitted from wool, and with amazing detail. The woman's talent made a splash, and very soon she acquired numerous fans. People admired her skill and said that her masterpieces look so beautiful and appetizing that they just want to taste them.

Wool seafood

Meanwhile, the craftswoman began to come up with more and more new dishes - from vegetables, herbs and originally decorated toasts to elegantly served meat dishes and Italian pasta.

Kate's big “gourmet” projects include a knitted supermarket, a dinner party and a fish store teeming with lobster, shrimp, crabs, fresh fish and other seafood.

Kate's fish store, which is indistinguishable from the real one Her thematic exhibitions are very popular

The craftswoman manages to knit incredibly realistic plates, pans, forks, knives and even "wooden" sushi sticks from wool.

I just want to try this fish! Kate crochets not only plates, but also cutlery

And for the past Christmas and New Years, the knitter presented a Christmas menu that includes roasts, turkey, original canapes, cookies, gingerbread in Santa's caps and other festive dishes. This painstaking, almost jewelry work took Kate nine months. And, of course, Kate's “knitted celebration” was not without a Christmas wreath - not just a simple one, but made again from textile seafood.

Kate's Christmas table was incredibly varied and beautiful

At the moment, Kate does not even think to stop there, because her imagination is inexhaustible. Now she is actively working on the production of knitted donuts, buns and baguettes, because in May this year in Barcelona she is going to present her knitted confectionery-bakery to the public.

Kate's sweet dishes are equally delicious Work on the textile bakery is in full swing. On the left is the original, on the right is a copy

", - says Keith, -".

By the way, history knows an interesting fact: until the 17th century, only men were involved in knitting.

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