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The main loser of 2020: What happened to the man who caught Covid, malaria and fever on one trip and was bitten by a cobra
The main loser of 2020: What happened to the man who caught Covid, malaria and fever on one trip and was bitten by a cobra

The outgoing year, to be sure, turned out to be difficult, but for some it became especially fatal. For example, for the Briton Ian Jones, he certainly cannot be called happy. While at work in India, the man managed to catch malaria, dengue fever, twice get sick with coronavirus, and in addition to all this, he was bitten in a foreign land by a poisonous king cobra. He can be called a truly unlucky person. However, depending on the angle at which you look at it. Perhaps, on the contrary, he is lucky? After all, after all these misadventures, Yang survived.

I decided to help the poor

Former health worker from the Isle of Wight in England Ian Jones came to India to do a good deed. He runs Sabirian, a charitable social enterprise that supports artisans and imports their goods.

The company, owned by the Isle of Wight Action Isle of Wight, is a lifelong journey out of poverty for some 70 Indian artisans between the ages of 18 and 87 by providing training and assistance in importing and selling souvenirs and furniture to the UK. On the Isle of Wight, England, the company's store also supports people with employment problems on a charitable basis.

For an altruist from Great Britain, India turned out to be an unhappy country

And here's the price for good: in India, Ian managed to contract malaria and dengue fever, and in March he also caught Covid. Having barely recovered, he returned to his work, but this fall he contracted the coronavirus again.

Cobra bite

The "cherry on the cake" in a series of health troubles was a deadly bite. It all happened in a village near the city of Jodhpur - in a warehouse of artisans, where Yang lived (he specially settled here in order to be closer to local craftsmen and to support them). That day, he heard his dog Rocky barking furiously. He approached him and held out his hand to calm him, and at that moment a cobra rushed at him and stung. Apparently, the snake lurking in the warehouse perceived the sharp movement of the hand as a threat.

A king cobra bite is fatal in most cases

King cobra venom causes paralysis of the respiratory muscles and respiratory arrest. Blurred vision and difficulty walking are also characteristic symptoms, and it was with these symptoms that Yang went to the local clinic in mid-November.

The Briton was saved, and this is a great success, because a king cobra bite is deadly: after 15 minutes a person can die.

Ian spent many days in intensive care. Now he is gradually recovering and he was even allowed to leave the hospital. However, he is in a deplorable situation. The poor fellow lost his sight, his legs are practically paralyzed, so he moves in a wheelchair. Although the test for Covid did not give a clearly positive result, doctors have a suspicion that the man has picked up and he - again. In addition, growing medical bills for treatment for all illnesses he has suffered prevent Ian from leaving the country and returning to his homeland in the UK.

Jan sees practically nothing and cannot walk, but he does not lose heart

Go Fund Me, a site that helps people around the world, is now raising money to help Ian to cover his debts and medical expenses (tens of thousands of pounds) that he still needs before he can return home to the Isle of Wight. - to your family.

Yang's son is very worried about his father.

- My dad is a real fighter.During his stay in India, he already suffered from malaria and dengue fever, even before the coronavirus, and yet he remained determined in his desire to stay in this country and continue his work, the young man told reporters. because of the pandemic, and at the same time as a family, we understood his desire to continue to support the people who relied on him. We naturally worried about him, but then when we heard that he also suffered from a snakebite, which is considered fatal, we just could not believe it!

People from all over the world supported the poor man and donated money to him

Mike Bulpitt, CEO of Community Action Isle of Wight, appealed to all concerned people to help his employee:

“Yang staked his life and health at stake to continue to support people in India. For almost a year he lived in difficult conditions and was away from his own family and friends. Now he has a long road to recovery, and we ask for any support. We ask all concerned people to help us cover his medical expenses until he is ultimately delivered home. We hope that very soon he will be able to return to his beloved work and again support those who need it. But now he needs funds to survive.

People from all over the world responded and started donating money for Jan. They also leave words of support on the site.

Jones' story has been posted on a fundraising site for those looking for help

“I pray for your super fast recovery, Jan. Your good deeds to help the poorest of people will not be in vain. Thank you for all your help and all the best wishes to you, your family, friends and colleagues,”Tushar Shah writes to him. "Get well soon, brother!" - addresses to Jan Junaid Ahmed Mohammed. “The Yankees wish you all the best. You have done a lot of good things in your life, - writes Ronald Moulton. “You are doing an important job and therefore really need good medical treatment and assistance,” says Suzanne Ross.

Indian doctors hope that leg paralysis and blindness are temporary consequences of the bite. It is hoped that Yang will eventually recover completely. Unless, of course, something else unexpected happens to him in India.

India is truly a mysterious country. Where else, if not here, could such incredible events take place? For those who like to study the history and culture of this country, it will be informative to learn for which step wells were built in India.

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