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How does the family of the famous actor Dyatlov live in the "paradise", built on 15 acres
How does the family of the famous actor Dyatlov live in the "paradise", built on 15 acres

Since ancient times, a house for a person was not only a structure erected for rest and shelter from the destructive cold, unbearable heat. The house made it possible for a person to express himself in a small space of the vast world and create the world that corresponds to his spiritual and moral values, needs and habits. How this opportunity was brought to life on a suburban plot of 15 acres by the family of the famous actor and singer Yevgeny Dyatlov - further, in our review.

Celebrating the New Year in a new home

Many are mistaken, thinking that the life paths of accomplished celebrities have always been strewn with flowers from grateful fans and various benefits. Most of them had to live in tiny apartments for years, or even in communal apartments and hostels. Only over time, having gained fame and popularity, they could afford to buy or build a decent home.

Among these is the popular domestic singer and actor Yevgeny Dyatlov. Who, no matter how he was to know what a hostel and communal apartments. He lived in such public corners for more than half of his adult life. Only with the advent of resounding success in the field of cinema, theater and stage - Eugene was able to purchase for his family first an apartment in the historical part of St. Petersburg, and then, having collected loans, and a plot in the suburbs of St. It was there that he built his American-style fortress.

Actor and singer Yevgeny Dyatlov

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It seems that to look at how the actor's family settled in a country house will be interesting not only to a wide audience of fans of creativity, but also to all those who want to be in the center of events taking place in the life of idols.

Dacha, country house and fortress of Evgeny Dyatlov

Yevgeny Dyatlov's country house, built in the American style

Initially, when the actor was offered to purchase a completely inexpensive small plot in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, this idea seemed unrealistic to him due to financial difficulties. All the accumulated funds were spent on the purchase of an apartment in the historical part of the city and its arrangement. But they still went to look at the Dyatlov site with his wife Yulia Dzherbinova. Julia immediately literally fell in love with this place and immediately persuaded her husband to take a loan. After weighing all the pros and cons, Eugene decided to purchase land. As a result, they became the owners of a "corner of paradise" in a small village near St. Petersburg. Dyatlov, having taken out a bank loan, in just a few months built a small house on the estate, of course by the efforts of the builders.

"My home is my castle". Evgeny Dyatlov with his wife Yulia Dzherbinova

To decorate the interior, the actor invited specialists from a design agency. It was they who came up with some original ideas. One of them is an unusual curved staircase to the second floor, which originates in the center of the living room. But over the design of the wood-burning wall - the owners themselves were wise. It so happened that on the main issues, the opinions of specialists and future tenants were fundamentally different. The proposed standard ideas of the specialists did not fit into the ideas of either Eugene or Yulia - what their house should be like. The actor and his wife wanted to see something extraordinary and special.Therefore, soon it all boiled down to the fact that the designers began to work on the project, starting exclusively from the tastes and wishes of the customers.

Firewood for the fireplace

Unusual interior elementsEugene initially wanted to get around the routine and standard in decorating the house, therefore he was looking for extraordinary solutions for his arrangement. For example, a glass wall was installed in the bathroom, along which jets of water would flow down, resembling a waterfall. An interesting decision was to equip one of the walls with a decor made of round wooden cuts.

The pride of the owners of the house is a wall made of round wooden cuts

Then Evgeny decided that the televisions in the house would be located only in the living room, in the kitchen and in the study. There should be no gadgets in the bedroom, so that nothing distracts the spouses from live communication.

Living room at home in American style

Living room decorationThe walls of the living room, painted in white, the floor of a chocolate shade made of natural boards, as well as a snow-white ceiling delimited by wooden ceiling beams, of the same color as the floor, look quite organic and bring the interior closer to the American style. The shelves, hung one above the other near the fireplace, are matched to the tone. Clocks of unusual shape effectively complement the interior design of the living room.

The kitchen of Yevgeny Dyatlov's country house

Kitchen DesignThe corner set made of natural wood was quite suitable for the hostess of the house and her little assistant daughter Vasilisa. Curiously, it was decided to equip a sink for washing dishes, according to the best traditions of the American style, in front of the window, so that during a very boring activity one could watch what is happening in the yard. Laconic metal handles of strict shape were attached to the facades of stylish kitchen cabinets. The countertop is made of artificial stone - inexpensive and practical.

Spot lighting above the kitchen furniture made it possible to illuminate each area of ​​the kitchen evenly. Modern technology, roof rails and minimal decor have become the perfect addition to the interior.

Evgeny Dyatlov with his daughter Vasilisa

Master's office

If the kitchen is a purely female patrimony, then the entrance to the spouse's study is strictly prohibited, so the owner of the house decided. The actor believes that such a separation only strengthens family relationships. He sometimes needs to be alone, delve into the role or think about something important. - says the actor.

Unity with nature. Evgeny Dyatlov with his wife Julia

Landscaping of a personal plotAfter all, initially it was the location of the site that played a key role in the decision to acquire it, it is located at the very edge of the forest. You can harvest mushrooms and wild berries in just a few tens of meters from your home in a couple of hours. Therefore, Eugene did not erect a solid fence, but limited himself to only a low hedge in order to get as close to nature as possible.

The landscape of the infield

And the actor's wife also found an outlet for herself: she arranged a "winter garden" at home. And abandoning the garden, she set up a landscape park near the house with spruces, ornamental shrubs, stones, flower beds, hemp. Today flowers delight the owners throughout the season. In addition, even stumps and driftwood were competently played with a single plot using natural stones and man-made sculptures.

The landscape of the infield

In conclusion, I would like to note that the design of the interior and landscape area of ​​the site is more the fruits of the painstaking work of Eugene and Yulia themselves, which the family is most proud of. And now neither Zhenya nor Yulia at all regret the day when they decided to purchase a plot and build their house on it, which became a real fortress for them.

Julia Dzherbinova and Evgeny Dyatlov

By the way, the aphorism “my house is my castle” belongs to the English jurist Edward Cock (1552-1634). And for the first time he appeared in his comments on that part of medieval English law, which talks about the inviolability of the home.

Bonus The apartment is the first asset and pride of the actor

In the St. Petersburg apartment of Evgeny Dyatlov

It so happened in life that the now famous artist in life had to live in barracks, and in hostels, and in communal apartments, so the purchase of an apartment was a huge event for Dyatlov.And what can we say about the suburban area and the house, which has become the main habitat for him and his family.

In the St. Petersburg apartment of Evgeny Dyatlov

For more than six years now, the family moved to their country house. But a St. Petersburg apartment in the historic center still accepts its owners when, after exhausting work, there is no strength to get out of town.

In the St. Petersburg apartment of Evgeny Dyatlov

It seems that many readers will want to see at least one eye what the city apartment of Yevgeny Dyatlov and Yulia looks like in St. Petersburg. And surely many readers will like it, because its entire design is subordinated to maximum functionality, which makes an ordinary apartment incredibly convenient and comfortable.

Initially, before the radical redevelopment, the apartment consisted of two narrow rooms. One of the partitions between them was removed, then the living room and kitchen were combined, zoning the room with a light partition. The bedroom was separated by a frosted glass wall. And over the entire apartment, multilevel ceilings were installed, which visually gave the space volume. The decorative finish was based on a light palette, thanks to which the rooms and the whole space visually expanded. And here everything is as environmentally friendly as possible, for example, live wallpapers are bamboo. They are made of pressed bamboo, which is fastened to the base with stitches, and then it is glued to the walls. It turns out a very beautiful warm color, These wallpapers are very unpretentious. True, you cannot wash them, but you can vacuum them.

As for the design, everything is as simple as possible. Interiors of a similar type are considered familiar and comfortable, and therefore similar options are often chosen not only by the stars of Russian cinema, but also by the audience for their homes. Everything is the same with furniture - simple, functional, comfortable.

Evgeny Dyatlov with his wife Yulia Dzherbinova

I think many will agree that the most important thing in any home is not a stylish design, rich decor, expensive furniture and plumbing, but the weather in the house. Already someone who, and Eugene and Julia know a lot about this. Warm family relationships and harmony in the film actor's family are able to fill their house, and their apartment, and their hearts with happiness.

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