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26 architectural masterpieces from different years that made a splash on the Internet
26 architectural masterpieces from different years that made a splash on the Internet

Architecture is designed to satisfy both practical and artistic requirements. Therefore, her goals are appropriate - utilitarian, on the one hand, and aesthetic, on the other. When a person views any building, the first thing he notes is its visual beauty. Of course, it also happens that one property is implemented at the expense of another. In addition, silent structures can tell a lot. Architectural works know everything about the history, traditions and artistic tastes of the world around them. Some of the most impressive creations of architects, further in the review.

Architecture is hard to describe in words. Better to see once. There is a subreddit on the Internet dedicated to photographs of some of the most impressive concept buildings. This online community already has over 617,000 members. The pictures that are shared there are simply gorgeous.

1. A house in Albania, dilapidated by an earthquake in 1979, was restored two years ago

An original makeover

The largest earthquake caused a lot of grief and harm. Many not only residential buildings were destroyed, but also architectural monuments. The way the architects restored this house is amazing. This building is definitely lucky.

2. Ministry of Agriculture, Kazan, Russia

The Ministry of Agriculture looks like a masterpiece of architecture

The eclectic monumental architecture of this magnificent building is immediately striking. Classic forms with Empire-style elements and a central element - a huge twenty-meter tree, are illuminated at nightfall. The palace is located at the foot of the hill. A square is laid out in front of him.

3. Grand Hotel Ciudad de Mexico in Art Nouveau style, 1899, by the French architect Jacques Grubert

The hotel is located just a few minutes' walk from the Cathedral and the Presidential Palace. The famous Tiffany stained glass windows, eclectic architecture and Art Nouveau create an impression that combines history and elegance with art and aesthetics.

It is even difficult to believe in the reality of what he saw

Architect Urbani, in addition to aesthetics and practicality, also notes the importance of smart home technologies. “Anyone with a smartphone knows how easy it is to control all home functions with a couple of clicks, a voice message or a home video panel,” said the specialist.

“These features are not just about convenience and comfort. Many of these, including lighting, heating and cooling controls, can provide real benefits in the form of monthly utility bills. It is sometimes a challenge for architects to create space to accommodate any mechanical devices and the necessary electrical wiring."

4. This spiral staircase, carved from solid wood in 1851, is located in Lednice Castle, Czech Republic

The staircase is completely carved from wood

In the small Czech village of Lednice, near the city of Brno, there is a castle of the same name. This stunning Gothic-style building is very popular with tourists. The castle is part of a grand castle and park complex. Upon entering the hall of the building, the magnificent massive staircase leading to the second floor immediately catches the eye. It is carved from a single oak tree. Once upon a time, the walls near it were decorated with many portraits of representatives of the Liechtenstein family. Today, only three of them have survived.

5.Pavilion of the Enlightened, Bangkok

Enlightenment comes from just looking at this beauty

This pavilion is located in the Ancient City Park. Initially, this place was conceived as a golf course in the form of the territory of Thailand with miniatures of historically significant buildings of this country. But gradually this idea was transformed into an open-air miniature park. It contains the originals of buildings or reproduced exact copies from the originals.

6. Zhongshuge Bookstore in Chengdu, China

A bibliophile's dream!

A Shanghai-based architecture bureau unveiled a bookstore design. This is the third futuristic book bureau. The first two were opened in Beijing and Guiyang. Mirrored ceilings and endless shelves, which visually expand the space, remain the trademark solution.

This bookstore, like the previous two, is simply amazing. Behind the glass door, visitors are greeted by unusual curved C-shaped walnut shelves, and the lighting creates additional volume. Due to the abundance of mirrors, the true dimensions of the room are completely incomprehensible. Endless bookshelves seem to "flow" into each other and enhance the effect of infinity. Carried away by their "route", visitors move from arch to arch, as if time slows down here its course …

7. Natural History Museum, London

How much attention to detail!

Another important aspect of modern architecture is sustainability. After all, buildings generate nearly 40% of the annual global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

“It is no surprise that there is a trend towards more energy efficient buildings, as well as home designs that use and pass less energy,” explained Urbani.

“The pinnacle of this type of design is a zero energy home that literally has no net energy consumption. This is achieved not only by reducing energy consumption, but also by adding energy to the construction site, usually in the form of solar panels."

Even if pure zero is too high a goal, architects are still trying their best to implement as many sustainable features as possible. These include sealed enclosures, effective insulation, multi-pane windows, and energy efficient appliances and systems.

“By keeping the energy we use in our homes as long as possible, we are using less, we need less and less,” said TMD STUDIO. “Using less energy to maintain comfort means we can become environmentally responsible and more resource efficient, which is vital to mitigate climate change.”

8. Public library in Kansas City

Just amazing design

The building of this library is unique in its architecture. It is located in the heart of Kansas City and has become a source of pride for the residents of this city. Indeed, it is extraordinary and boggles the imagination of anyone who sees it. The project was very challenging. The building was quite old and huge funds were needed to renovate it. The design decision to decorate the facade in the form of a bookshelf turned out to be very original. The residents of Kansas City, ordinary visitors to the library, have been choosing the names of the works of art that now adorn there for two years.

9. Golden Bridge in Vietnam

Awesome composition

The semicircular gilded bridge rests on two gigantic hands of God pointing towards the sky. They are covered with moss and look like centuries-old structures. In reality, the structure is made of glass and steel. The observation deck offers a magnificent view of the mountain landscapes, and flower beds with beautiful flowers are planted along the path on the bridge.

10. Budapest, Hungary

A real winter fairy tale

The capital of Hungary is a magical place. Arriving here, it is impossible to deny yourself the pleasure of sitting down at a table of some cozy restaurant, tasting branded goulash and drinking a glass or two of Tokay. The list of attractions is endless.It is better to come and see all the beauty of this ancient European city yourself.

11. The home of a craftsman in the early 1900s in Seattle

It looks like the Baggins' house

TMD STUDIO, a group of young professionals from London and Prague working in the fields of architecture, visualization, interior design and research, agrees that sustainable architecture is the key to an environmentally friendly future. “Only by using our resources more economically can we hope to protect our environment and climate,” experts say.

12. An apartment building in Tel Aviv, Israel

There is one additional solution if you accidentally block yourself: parkour!

Tel Aviv is a beautiful city with tons of attractions. In addition to archaeological sites, here you can stumble upon real miracles of ultra-modern architecture. In Israel, even an ordinary apartment building is a real miracle!

13. Ceiling of the Shah Mosque in Isfahan, Iran

Incredible artistic prowess

This mosque is a true masterpiece of Persian architecture. Both inside and outside the walls of the mosque and minarets are decorated with turquoise tiles with geometric and floral ornaments. To give the cladding a special expressiveness, the Shah ordered to use multicolored glazed tiles, painted in the technique of "haft-rangi" (from Persian "seven colors", "heavenly rainbow"), rather than a type-setting ceramic mosaic.

14. Winter has come to Iceland. Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik

Classic Iceland

The land of the harsh Vikings should probably look like this: blizzard and frost. The name of the northernmost capital in the world speaks for itself. Reykjavik literally means "smoking bay". Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral is an iconic architectural landmark. This is a Lutheran church, the fourth tallest building in Iceland. The church is named after the poet and spiritual leader Hallgrimur Pietursson, author of the book Passion hymns. It took 38 years to build the church. The building is used as an observation tower, which offers a wonderful view of Reykjavik and the surrounding mountains.

15. Azure Blue Pool at Hearst Castle, San Simeon, California. It was designed by the architect Julia Morgan and built between 1919 and 1947

Incredible beauty

This estate has been rebuilt several times. In the 40s of the 20th century, the owners hired the architect Julia Morgan. She also designed the design of this house. Julia eclectically reshuffled the styles of different periods of European history: the main house resembles a Spanish cathedral of the Plateresque era, and a pavilion with an ancient Roman pediment transported from the Mediterranean is picturesquely located at the edge of the Neptune basin. Works of art for decorating the estate (including giant plafonds) were delivered from Europe.

16. Thorncrown Chapel, Arkansas, by E. Fay Jones

The splendor of symmetry

Conceived in 1980 by E. Fay Jones, a former student of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, this structure combines steel and glass to blend perfectly with the surroundings. The gothic design and the severity of the lines may not be to everyone's liking, but they invariably leave an indelible impression.

17. Milan Cathedral, Italy

So difficult and absolutely gorgeous!

Milan Cathedral, or, as it is also called, the Duomo Cathedral, can be considered a kind of antithesis to the Tower of Babel. It is a revived history of architecture spanning six centuries. It was erected by architects and engineers from different countries - France, Germany, Italy - and they spoke in different dialects, which did not prevent them from building a magnificent religious building, although it took almost 600 years.

18. Church of Grundtvig in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was completed in 1940 and its design is a combination of the cathedral and the style of old Danish country houses

This is probably what serenity looks like

It is one of the most unusual churches in the world and the most recognizable religious history in Denmark. The construction of the church took two whole decades. The idea itself was unique, until that moment the world had never seen anything like it. Engineer Peder Wilhelm Jensen-Klint was responsible for the project. His son Kaare Klint was already finishing the work.The temple was built with the money of charitable donations, the country did not take any part in this. In 1940, the official opening of a unique object was held - the Grundtvig Church, which today is a rare and striking example of a building built in the style of brick expressionism.

19. Shades of blue make this Victorian home in San Francisco stand out

Such a beautiful house

Architect Urbani said that placing several generations of a family under one roof was common until the middle of the last century. After the end of World War II, single-family homes became more popular. This was facilitated by the post-war boom and the desire of everyone to fulfill their dream.

“Today people live much longer, which has led to the so-called 'sandwich generation'. This is the nickname for people who are forced to take care of both young grandchildren and elderly parents. Thus, there is a growing demand for housing with features that are suitable for multigenerational living. According to surveys, the most popular features in private homes are the main apartment on the ground floor and restrooms at all levels.

20. Cathedral of Clermont-Ferrand in France - built entirely of black lava stone

Looks gloomy

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption) is a Catholic cathedral in the Gothic style and an important historical monument. The building is constructed entirely of black volcanic rock and can be seen from afar.

21. Park Royal Singapore

The building looks like it is alive

The Parkroyal on Pickering Garden Hotel in Singapore is an oasis of blooming greenery in the heart of a bustling metropolis. The façade, designed by the WOHA architectural bureau, is decorated with tropical plants, vines, palms and buds. Lush hanging gardens fill the space surrounded by concrete and glass, creating natural landscapes in an urban setting. It is also one of the first eco-hotels in Singapore to use solar energy: the night lights of the building and gardens are powered by photovoltaic panels, which can significantly reduce electricity consumption. The hotel, which opened in January 2013, was decorated with only natural materials.

22. A very narrow corner house, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

It takes time to comprehend this

According to experts, there are three main problems in the design of buildings taking into account environmental consequences. The first of these is the materials used for construction. The second problem is the energy efficiency of the building. The last factor to consider is the location of the building and the building itself.

“A home can be energy efficient and use low impact building technologies, but that won't mean anything if the ecosystem is damaged by construction. A more holistic approach to all of these design factors is becoming more common in modern architecture."

Finally, flexibility is also important when building. For the most part, families and households are more diverse now than ever. This, in turn, means that someone needs a large dining room, and someone needs a quiet office for work. “Today, the price of houses and layouts that can flexibly adapt to any number and age of residents. Better even when they are able to develop with these inhabitants over time. Such projects are the most attractive,”explained Urbani.

“For architects, this can mean creating spaces that can be easily divided into zones or expanded with panels or doors. Designers can help in this case by including in all parts of the house similar materials and design motives."

23. Castle of Hohenzollern, Germany

You need to see it with your own eyes!

"Castle in the Clouds" is its other name, because it is located on the top of the mountain of the same name. It is the most visited castle in Germany. The old building is a very striking example of the German architectural style, harmoniously combining elements of the Middle Ages and neo-romanticism.However, even a photo of the Hohenzollern Castle in Germany shows that its architecture does not look solid. The fact is that some fragments remained from the first two destroyed fortresses, and they were left in the course of further reconstructions.

24. Museum of Coastal Geomorphology in Vancouver

It doesn't sound like conceptual rendering

This extraordinary building is the oldest maritime museum. The best of its kind. It is dedicated to the maritime history of Vancouver.

25. Les Espaces D'abraxas, Noisy-le-Grand, France

A very unusual solution!

This residential complex is located in the suburbs of Paris. It was built in the early 1980s. This is an unusually striking example of neoclassical postmodernism. Because of its unique architecture, eminent filmmakers love to set their films in front of it.

26. Entrance to a nightclub in Seoul, South Korea

Just an inversion of consciousness

It is sometimes difficult for people to purchase their own home. In addition, many places on our planet suffer from overpopulation. Perhaps humanity does not shine colonization of Mars and the Moon in the near future, but there is something people can do. Recent architectural trends provide many reasons for inspiration regarding future construction.

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