Street art project "Splash": splash of emotions on the streets of Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Street art project "Splash": splash of emotions on the streets of Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Splash: original graffiti on the streets of Sao Paulo

The city of São Paulo can be safely called the capital Brazilian street art… Street artists enthusiastically decorate the gray walls of houses with new, vibrant designs. One of the latest projects that delighted the townspeople with fresh colors is a cycle of female portraits called "Splash"… Created by artists Fin DAC and Angelina Christina, they really cause a surge of positive emotions in the audience.

Splash: Brazilian Street Art Project

The graffiti is located on Inacio Pereira da Rocha street in the Vila Madalana area. On the wall, Fin DAC and Angelina Christina have painted three giant female portraits that are sure to grab the attention of passers-by. Black, white and orange are the three colors that the artists have emphasized. Feminine beauty is an object of admiration for these street artisans. The Splash cycle is a continuation of a series of drawings by these authors that can be seen in different parts of São Paulo. The creative duo draws strong and sexy women, often with tattoos.

Splash: street paintings in Sao Paulo

The cycle of drawings was named “Splash” for a reason: orange “blots” seemed to have accidentally fallen on strict black-and-white images. They shimmer like glare of light on a water surface.

The authors of the Splash project are Fin DAC and Angelina Christina

By the way, let us remind you that the artist Fin DAC took part in another street art project called "The Black Duke", which we have already told the readers of the site Culturology.RF about.

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