"Dice game" on the streets of New York. Unusual street art by Aakash Nihalani
"Dice game" on the streets of New York. Unusual street art by Aakash Nihalani
Multi-colored scotch tape cubes and some photoshop. Street art by Aakash Nihalani

New York street artist Aakash Nihalani - the most curious person, which is confirmed not only by what works he gives people, but also by an article about this three-dimensional street art, which was once on our website. But in the light of the artist's new projects, I would like to once again recall him and his installations, which Aakash Nihalani makes from multi-colored scotch tape and places on the walls of houses, fences, abandoned and not so buildings … Nihalani is an unusual street artist. He not only does not change his favorite material, multi-colored tape, but also his favorite shapes - geometric shapes, mostly rectangles. On his installations, they are everywhere. And in the new project "Self-portraits", the author himself fell under the charm of multi-colored rectangles-bricks.

Self-portraits. Street art by Aakash Nihalani Multi-colored scotch tape cubes on the streets of New York

Of course, only scotch tape and scissors were needed here - photo manipulations are visible to the naked eye. But since when has skillful ownership of Photoshop become a disadvantage if there is a funny idea and the author skillfully brings it to life? In addition, Aakash Nihalani in no way pretends to be considered masterpieces of modern art for his unpretentious work. You smiled after looking at the photos, which means that he coped with his task perfectly.

Kind of street art by Aakash Nihalani Street art and photo manipulation by Aakash Nihalani

For those who crave more, I recommend the artist's personal site, especially its interactive section. This is where both admiration and entertainment await you.

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