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Top TikTok Trends Influencing Fashion: Clown Makeup, Runaway, etc
Top TikTok Trends Influencing Fashion: Clown Makeup, Runaway, etc

Today TikTok is the main virtual “habitat” of the younger generation. Despite the criticism and condescension, today this service is becoming a platform for discussing the social, political and cultural situation, a source of inspiration for creative people and the cradle of trends that penetrate "adult" fashion, design and art.

Cottagecore - escape to the lost garden

Cottagecore is one of the oldest tags on TikTok. During the coronavirus pandemic, cottagecore has grown to the scale of a global trend. Closed borders, an almost complete lack of available entertainment, the danger of urban overcrowding … It is not surprising that many chose to hide from the worries in the country.

Images of rural romance

And we allowed ourselves to really enjoy it! More and more photos of wonderful gardens, rural landscapes appear on social networks, interest in gardening, horticulture and outdoor recreation is growing. Teens exchange tips on growing roses, recipes for picnics and selfies against the backdrop of country interiors. It seems that the generation of zoomers re-invented the dacha - but in reality, the cottage is more likely to inherit the ideas of 19th century romanticism about unity with nature "away from the maddened crowd."

Romantic dresses are cottagecore

Cottage core actively penetrates into all areas of modern design. During the haute couture weeks, you can find many collections that completely fit into the concept of a cottage-core, mass-market brands are presenting more and more romantic blouses, as if old-fashioned dresses and straw hats, and more and more new proposals appear on the market of suburban construction and outdoor furniture.

Cluttercore - interior style for collectors

Cluttercore style interior

Another trend that gained relevance during a pandemic and forced seclusion and at the same time became a reaction to annoying minimalism. Minimalistic interiors look stylish - but there is a feeling that no one lives in them, there is no place for hobbies, collecting, creativity … In those days when all life passes within four walls, one of the ways to deal with stress is to surround yourself with your favorite things.

Books are an important element of the cluttercore style

However, cluttercore is not just a manic littering of a room with precious trinkets, but an orderly display of "treasures". Rows of read-out books on shelves, old postcards and shabby posters, numerous vases and sculptures, exotic masks, paper letters, garlands and many houseplants … All this you want to look at over and over again. And scientists who study human behavior on the Internet argue that the demand for paper books has suddenly increased - people buy them for backgrounds so that their interlocutors on Skype think they are smarter.

Soft-girl is the most popular style of buzzers

Soft girl clothes and makeup

Soft-girl stylistic techniques have become firmly established in youth fashion. Feminine, infantile and vintage at the same time (yes, the looks of the 90s are already vintage!), The soft girl style has caught the fancy of many teenagers around the world. By the way, the founders of the trend were not girls, but young men - after all, modern young people do not see threats to their masculinity in pink color, charming details and gentle demeanor. In addition, recently there has been a growing debate around the idea of ​​"non-toxic masculinity" - a man does not have to be aggressive and wear something shapeless and gray-blue to be a man.The brave lovers of pink hoodies were followed by their girlfriends, dressed in delicate blouses, pleated skirts and drawing cute clouds on their cheeks. The mass dressing up in gentle shades on social networks in the spring of 2019 was called Soft Season.

Elements of the soft-girl style

Now on the Internet you can find whole instructions on how to become a Soft Girl, tips on subcultural makeup (it's important not to forget about blush!), There are separate brands specializing in such clothes. Soft Girls and Soft Boys are not squeamish about vintage items either - grandma's blouses, grandfather's shirts and high-waisted bleached jeans. Overall, the trend reflects the desire of young people to be more caring, more relaxed and more open about their feelings.

Clowncore - brightest social media style

Clown makeup

Are you still afraid of clowns? Then we go to you! One of the latest trends in tiktok and instagram is "clown" makeup and images. Here you can meet the sinister Pennywise, who will not refuse to kidnap a couple of kids, and the romantic Columbine, and the sad Pierrot … everyday life - for example, striped socks of different colors or a huge collar. Surprise, entertain, shock (both others and yourself) - this is the ideology of the clauncorer. And after all, who can stop people from painting their faces and dressing in insanely bright clothes if it brings joy?

Clauncor style elements

Bimbo (bimbo) - greetings from zero

Bimbo style elements

Many trends of the 2000s, despite the resistance of the majority of consumers, gradually penetrate into modern fashion - but in a new interpretation. TikTok's bimbo style is a triumphant return to 2000s imagery, although many of us still see them in our nightmares. Huge hot pink false nails, dazzling blond, low-rise jeans, rows of rhinestones and frivolous lettering - the style of "Barbie doll", although even a Barbie doll does not look that way anymore. Recently, the bimbo's aggressive femininity has unexpectedly caught the attention of TikTok users.

Bimbo style elements

However, the socially active young generation rethinks it in their own way and fills it with a new meaning - highly politicized. Bimbo is not just a playgirl. Followers of this style stand up for the rights of minorities, protest against discrimination, defend the right of people to look the way they like and want, without the risk of running into condemnation or even violence. Therefore, among the bimbos, you can also find young men who do not hesitate to wear pink and shiny.

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