Demand for celebrity apartments is growing in the real estate market
Demand for celebrity apartments is growing in the real estate market
Demand for celebrity apartments is growing in the real estate market

Perhaps everyone at least once in his life looked at the interiors of the apartments of the rich and famous in glossy magazines. And someone, perhaps, caught themselves thinking that it would be great to live in such an apartment, or at least spend a weekend. But it turns out that this desire is quite real today.

Perhaps the first star object that appeared on the rental real estate market was an apartment on the Tverskaya prima donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva, where she lived with her famous husband Philip Kirkorov. But today this is far from the only apartment from celebrities in which a mere mortal can live - be it apartments in Moscow, apartments in Kazan

or in another city. There would be a desire, and … money.

By the way, the rental announcement does not say anything about the fact that the apartment offered for rent belongs to Pugacheva. And nevertheless, the interior of the apartment has become familiar in various TV programs and is quite recognizable from the photo. The apartment has 4 bedrooms, a fireplace and 2 bathrooms. An apartment with an area of ​​170 square meters is offered for rent unfurnished, but it is stipulated that it is possible to buy everything necessary for the client's requests.

Those wishing to rent this apartment will have to pay about 220 thousand rubles a month, and at the same time real estate experts assure that the Prima Donna is dumping the market, because for this amount it is almost impossible to find an apartment on Tverskaya.

Fans of the film "Night Watch" have a unique opportunity to live in an apartment where director Timur Bekmambetov himself lived. By the way, the TV series “Cops” and “Two Fates” were filmed in the same apartment, and a British cultural adviser lived. 3-room apartment with an area of ​​80 sq.m. can be rented for 90 thousand rubles per month or daily.

For about the same amount, you can rent a 1-room apartment from Fyodor Bondarchuk. True, if you believe the realtors, then he himself did not live in this apartment, but he personally developed the interior design. The apartment was located in a high-rise on Kutuzovsky, and the taste of Bondarchuk Jr. can certainly be trusted.

And yet, more often in the description of apartments offered for rent in Russian cities, there is not accurate information about famous tenants, but the names of the current stellar neighbors or the mention of historical facts related to the house or apartment. So, in Kazan, you can rent an apartment in the house where the famous actor Leonid Filatov was born or live not far from the parental home of the singer MakSim, and if you're lucky, she herself will descend there and you can easily run into her in the front door.

In the capital, fans of the modern stage can rent an apartment in Krylatskoye next to Valeria and her husband Joseph Prigozhin. Today, for an apartment with an area of ​​about 170, you will have to spend about 180 thousand rubles a month.

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