Madonna supported Britney Spears and said she would save her from slavery
Madonna supported Britney Spears and said she would save her from slavery
Madonna supported Britney Spears and said she would save her from slavery

American pop star Madonna supported the famous singer Britney Spears and called her father's custody a prison. She posted a message about this on her Instagram page.

The message reads: “Slavery has been abolished long ago! Give life back to a young woman. It is high time to destroy the patriarchy that has done this to women for centuries. This is an elementary violation of human rights. Britney, we will get you out of prison!”- wrote Madonna under the photo, which she posted on her page on social networks. In the photo she is wearing a T-shirt with the words "Britney Spears" on it in large letters.

Recall that due to a mental disorder that doctors diagnosed Britney, she has been under the care of her father since 2008. The disease came after the divorce proceedings took place.

In the summer of 2021, Britney Spears went to court to release her from paternal supervision due to the fact that her parent, Jamie Spears, abused control too much. According to the singer, her father did not allow her to have children, get married, and also forced her to perform at concerts against her will. A large number of friends, fans and colleagues of Britney have expressed their support for her, and Madonna is among them.

It should be noted that Madonna and Spears collaborated together more than once. So, the singers recorded the first song from the fourth studio album, which was released in 2003, together. In the same year, they performed together at a concert by Christina Aguilera.

We have to admit that recently the name of the American singer has been increasingly covered with scandals. Most recently, fans accused the singer of lying because of a post published on Instagram.

The most dedicated fans noted that in one of the last photos posted on the back of Britney there is no tattoo. And therefore, Internet users suspected the singer of being dishonest. They began to write about this in the comments under the photo.

Spears, who recently celebrated her 39th birthday, has fiercely rebuffed the spiteful critics. She stated that she specially retouched the photo to see how she would look without tattoos. "Go to hell, haters" - with these words the singer completed her rebuke.

And although the singer showed unheard-of rudeness towards her fans, the fans did not sprinkle her with negativity, but, on the contrary, came out in support. … “I'm sure Britney didn't write it! She is never rude to us "," Britney is never so rude "," A few weeks ago Britney said that this tattoo is very dear to her, so I do not believe this post, "" Don't try to fool us, "they wrote.

And perhaps this situation could have been released on the brakes, if another blatant lie had not happened. She posted a publication in which she announced that she was photographing the seascapes of the Hawaiian island of Maui from her window, and then posted another photo - her own reflection in the mirror. The singer captured herself in a mask, hat and red swimsuit. But even the most devoted fans were wary of this information and decided that it was not the singer herself, but her administrators post old photos on her profile.

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