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A cage in a wedding suit: history and fashionable images
A cage in a wedding suit: history and fashionable images
A cage in a wedding suit: history and fashionable images

Checkered suit is the trend of the wedding season 2021! However, in the past, and the year before last, and even 10 years ago, grooms gladly wore plaid "troikas". The reason is simple: such a suit always looks fresh and stylish.

We invite you to get acquainted with the history of the plaid print, as well as how it got into the trends of wedding looks.

A bit of history

The checkered print is traditionally associated with the Scottish kilt, which depicts the well-known tartan check. It is worth noting that in Scotland there are quite strict rules for wearing tartans, depending on the locality, clan and even military unit.

An interesting fact is that a certain prototype of a man's suit in a cage is found among the Ancient Celts, the ancestors of the Scots.

However, the history of this print goes back to ancient times.

In ancient Rome, the nobility always wore caged outerwear, and in Japan, samurai dressed in plaid kimonos. Moreover, relatively recently, archaeologists have discovered a mummy dressed in a checkered shroud.

Today, the cage has become a real hit for several wedding seasons in a row. Perhaps it was the Scots who made a significant contribution to the spread of the check print, because to this day they wear the traditional kilt to wedding ceremonies.

Cell in the design of wedding suits

Men's fashion offers a ton of plaid print options that differ in color, shape and pattern size. You can choose any design that you like and will not stand out too much from the general style of the wedding.

The most famous and popular are the following types of checkered prints:

  1. Plaid or Tartan is a traditional Scottish pattern. It was this print that became famous thanks to the kilts. Suit in a cage "Tartan" visually adds volume to the figure, makes the image fresh and light.
    • "Glenchek" is the favorite print of the royal family. Usually, threads of black, white and gray colors are used for such a pattern. This discreet print is perfect for a classic wedding.

  2. The "window frame" is a large thin cell. The height of the cage is greater than its width, which is why the print got this name. A suit with this pattern is a bright, but not flashy solution for a wedding look.

As you can see, the plaid is a print with a rich and interesting history. Today, the pattern does not take the last place in wedding looks. Plaid suits are chosen by both fans of tradition and connoisseurs of modern fashion.

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