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How the art of machine embroidery has become on a par with modern technologies
How the art of machine embroidery has become on a par with modern technologies
How the art of machine embroidery has become on a par with modern technologies

Machine embroidery is a fascinating combination of creativity, needlework and computer technology in the creation of original works and design elements. Machine embroidery appeared in 1821 and was carried out in a free-running way. The embroiderer tucked the fabric into the hoop, applied a pattern on it, and, skillfully moving the hoop, embroidered the pattern on a typewriter. Until now, this method is used by craftsmen and many such unique works can be found at It requires skill and a lot of attention, since the quality of the product depends solely on the skill of the one who embroiders.

With the entry into the market of household programmable embroidery machines, the work on creating your own unique design has become possible for all embroidery lovers. The most popular among embroiderers are the machines made by Wilcom, Brother, Janome, Bernina, Toyota.

Embroidery technology

Machine embroidery technology is divided into two stages:

creation of schemes and programs on a computer and design embroidery on a typewriter.

The whole cycle consists of the following operations:

search for design;

- creation of a computer circuit;

- selection of materials;

- embroidery process;

- registration of work.

Today's technologies make it possible to translate any image into an embroidery scheme. It can be a drawing, picture or photograph.

The embroidery pattern is created using the editors Wilcom, PE-DESIGN, Embird. There are many editors for creating your own design. To make the schemes suitable for different machines, they are adapted using converter programs.

The creation of a computer scheme, as a result of which original sewing is obtained, is an interesting creative process of creating author's elements, selecting and combining any images at the desired scale and angle. Here you can fantasize and embody any idea.

The selection of materials can be attributed to technological operations. In addition to the canvas itself, on which the embroidery is made, you need to choose a base. The base is the material that will not allow the base fabric to deform during the embroidery process; threads that are suitable in size and color are selected. During the operation of the machine, the master needs to change the threads in manual mode and monitor the operation of the machine.

Methods for transferring information from computer to machine

After creating your design in the editor, it is transferred to the machine to continue work. Information is transferred to the machine using: the following devices:

- USB devices.

- Memory cards.

- Direct connection to a computer.

Transferring information using USB devices is the most convenient way of transferring data to an embroidery machine. The machine can recognize information on conventional flash cards, CD-ROMs and work with wireless devices.

Embroidery is used to decorate clothes, hats, logos, chevrons and stripes. Embroidered paintings are used to decorate the interiors of offices and apartments. Machine embroidery is remarkable in that people with creative thinking, even not knowing how to draw, are able to express ideas in their works. The result of the work brings both aesthetic satisfaction and raises self-esteem.

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