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Scientists talk about the benefits of embroidery for humans
Scientists talk about the benefits of embroidery for humans
Scientists talk about the benefits of embroidery

Recently, needlework seems to be experiencing a rebirth, and hand-made things are a special reason for pride and the opportunity to always remain at the height of fashion. Among the many types of arts and crafts, embroidery occupies a special place. It brings not only purely aesthetic pleasure from creating patterns, but also practical benefits: embroidery helps to improve life in general and the psycho-emotional state in particular.

Productive rest

As you know, good rest is the basis for normal relationships with others, productive work, and helps to maintain health. In this case, embroidery undoubtedly helps a quality rest.

  1. Change of type of activity. For a good rest, the body needs a change in the type of activity, and embroidery in this case is one of the most attractive options.
  2. A kind of meditation. Repetitive, measured movements of the needle help you relax and look inside yourself, reflect on problems or search for the necessary solution.
    • A way to calm down. Focusing on the embroidery process, color matching, and laying out the threads step by step can release even the most intense tension in a fairly quick time.

Art therapy

Embroidery is, first of all, an art. She develops taste and a sense of beauty. In addition, fine motor skills of the hands are known to significantly affect attention and thinking, coordination in space, observation, motor memory, and even speech. This is especially true today, since a modern adult performs very little actions associated with fine motor skills: he does not write by hand, in most cases does not draw, does not fold a mosaic, and prefers to assemble jigsaw puzzles on the screen of a phone or tablet.

Psychologists have long proven the fact that bright colors make a person happier. That is why, to improve mood and general psycho-emotional background, you should surround yourself with bright colors. And even during embroidery, there is an opportunity to enjoy all the colors of the rainbow at once.

You can embroider the blue sea and the yellow sun, a boat with scarlet sails and lush greenery on the shore.

Suitable for extroverts and introverts

If a person is by nature sociable and active, then embroidery is a great way to expand your circle of acquaintances. You just need to go, for example, to the cross stitch site and open the "Forum" tab. Both novice embroiderers and experienced craftsmen communicate there. Moreover, the range of their interests is not at all limited to needlework.

For those who consider themselves to be introverts and do not seek to communicate with new people, embroidery will become a real salvation. It is easy to hide behind a hoop with a canvas and thread from unwanted interlocutors and unnecessary acquaintances.

By the way, embroidery can still significantly increase the self-esteem of both extroverts and introverts. After all, you can boast of the creations of your own hands in the circle of your friends, or simply arrange them in a beautiful frame, hang on the wall and enjoy the thought that this work of art was created with your own hands.

Practical benefits

Embroidery is not only a mood improvement, expanding the circle of interests or acquaintances, but also a purely practical, applied benefit.

  • With the help of embroidery, you can decorate your clothes, thereby turning a mass-market product into an exclusive item.

  • Thanks to embroidered paintings or household items (towels, pillowcases, decorative table runners), any room can acquire a finished look and individual features.
    • Decorated embroidery will be a wonderful gift for family and friends, especially since handmade products are now highly valued.

    Among those who have been passionate about embroidery for a long time, there are persistent rumors that embroidery can make wishes come true. One has only to embroider a house by the sea, as it materializes in real life. But, for example, the embroidered picture "Almost perfect" helps to make the dream of motherhood come true. However, everyone can come up with a dream, embroider it and check if these rumors are true.

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