Bazelevs will direct a horror film based on Japanese folklore
Bazelevs will direct a horror film based on Japanese folklore
Bazelevs will direct a horror film based on Japanese folklore

On September 25, a regular meeting of the Expert Council of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation took place. During this meeting, director Violetta Taskaeva, who is known under the pseudonym Pablo Absento, spoke about her intentions to make a full-length film titled "Substitution". She plans to work with the Bazelevs film company, which belongs to Timur Bekmambetov. She decided to base her new film project on Japanese folklore.

Director Taskaeva spoke a little about her project. She drew attention to the fact that at the moment, together with the specialists of the film company Bazelevs, she is developing a project, which they decided to create in the screenlife format. This format has become very popular. Its peculiarity is that the story is told through the phones and computers of the main characters of the film. In its project, Pablo Absento decided to additionally use video from cameras that were filmed by police cars, as well as video surveillance cameras.

According to the director, Japanese folklore is one of the darkest, most mysterious, but at the same time it differs in moral aspects. In his new project "Substitution" Taskaeva wants to show how much power new technologies have, how much power they managed to gain, and how fragile a person is, if we consider him as an individual, how difficult it is for him in situations when he is faced with supernatural forces. something ancient and inexplicable.

Actors for this film have not yet been selected, casting has not been held. The creators of this project have a desire to attract actors from Europe to the filming. They want to shoot exterior shoots in Japan.

The in-person meeting of the Expert Council was held on September 25. This council considered 7 game projects and 3 series at once. At this meeting, the KIT film studio presented a project called “Cathedral”, which includes 12 episodes. This is a historical drama that will tell about a man who made his way from a serf to a close associate of Peter I. Star Media Distribution presented a series called “Black Sea”, in which there will be 8 episodes, the film company “New People” presented a film called “Leave its sadness”, the film company“Victoria Films”presented a film called“The Big Robbery of the Tram”, the film company“Atlantic”presented the project“Venice”, and so on.

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