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Choosing an envelope for a statement for a newborn
Choosing an envelope for a statement for a newborn
Choosing an envelope for a statement for a newborn

Having a baby is always very serious, exciting and responsible. That is why you should prepare for such an event very carefully. One of the important stages is discharge from the hospital. For this event, the child needs to purchase an envelope. The envelope for the statement should be selected carefully, because it can then be used for a while.

What are and how they differ

Types of envelopes for newborns:

  • Envelope bag. This is a fairly popular option. Accordingly, the choice of such models will also be quite large. The main advantage of this product is ease of use. The envelope bag is fastened with Velcro or zippers. This allows you to put your baby in an envelope without waking him up. Young mothers will confirm how sensitive the baby's sleep is and how important it is not to disturb it.
    • Blanket envelope. In simple terms, it's just a blanket or a zip-top blanket. In general, these products are recommended for use in the summer. This is a very convenient option, since the baby can even be left in the crib in such an envelope. And many more parents are attracted by the fact that the child will not grow out of him for a very long time.

  • Envelope "with hands". In this case, the baby's legs will be free, and the handles are fixed in the sleeves. Practice says that such an envelope is very convenient to use after discharge during walks. It can be a replacement for overalls.
    • Car envelope. This is the most common option, only with slots for a car seat. Such an envelope is the best solution for car enthusiasts. Moreover, it is very convenient to use it while walking.

    As you can see, each option has its own advantages and features. Of course, it is better to have several different envelopes in order to choose the most suitable one for a particular occasion.

    How to make the right choice

    It is imperative that you prepare your discharge envelope three weeks before your due date. It must be washed in accordance with all the instructions on the label. In order for everything to go at a high level, the expectant mother needs to control the whole process and give clear instructions. The rest of the relatives are also worried, they may bring the wrong things. Therefore, it is best to collect all the bags yourself. You can purchase an envelope for the discharge of a child in the Daniel online store at Here are quality branded products. You will be able to choose the option that will meet all your requirements.

    General advice when discharging from the hospital:

    • Finding clothes for mom after childbirth will be quite difficult. Clothes for pregnant women will be large, but clothes before pregnancy are small. Therefore, for mom, you should take several options.
      • Make sure you have the right shoes for your mom.

    • If it takes more than an hour to get home, then you need to take food and water with you, since after breakfast at the hospital, mom will be busy with packing.
      • Mom must have a folder in which she will put all the documents.

      If you consider all of the above tips, your discharge from the hospital will go well.

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