In 2022, the sequel to Toy Story will be released
In 2022, the sequel to Toy Story will be released
In 2022, the sequel to Toy Story will be released

Pixar has said it will no longer film a sequel to Toy Story. According to the creators of the 4th part, it became a wonderful final chord, which you don't want to drown out with anything. But more recently, information has appeared that on June 17, 2022, a full-length animated film will be released under the intriguing title "Lightyear".

Fans of "Toy Story" were overjoyed early: despite the fact that the parallels seem too obvious, this cartoon will be a spin-off to the famous franchise. In it we learn about the prototype of Buzz Lightyear - a living human astronaut. It will be an exciting fantasy journey, and we expect it to be as good as the legendary franchise in terms of graphics quality and storytelling. History of creation

Tom Hanks himself stated that the fourth part in "Toy Story" is the ending. The plot of the film itself speaks of this: the emotional farewell of two best friends, Woody's unexpected and decisive choice of his path. With all this, producer Mark Nielsen says that the fifth part may well come out. According to him, each individual cartoon is created as if after it there will be nothing.

After the fourth part was released, Annie Potts expressed the opinion that fans would be interested to see the sequel, what Woody will do next, how his friends will live away from him. At the same time, she did not know that the fifth film was already brewing. Tim Allen himself, even before the release of Part 4, made a subtle hint that Part 5 was just around the corner. “Once you finish the fourth film, the trilogy will be gone. Therefore, there is no reason not to move on in the same spirit. If you are interested in my opinion, I believe that the fifth film is quite possible to make,”he said.

As a result, in the winter of 2020, information appeared that Pixar employees took up the development of a fifth film called "Lightyear". In it, Chris Evans will serve as the new voice for Buzz. Evans warns fans that the cartoon will not be about toys, but about people, where the main character will be the astronaut himself - Buzz Lightyear, about whom they will learn a lot of interesting things.

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