Giant inflatable President Trump appears at the Museum of London
Giant inflatable President Trump appears at the Museum of London
Giant inflatable President Trump appears at the Museum of London

A new exhibit has made a splash in the Museum of London - an inflatable giant statue of US President Donald Trump. Moreover, the head of the American state is captured in a very strange and even somewhat comical form.

The unusual sculpture was created with funds raised on a crowdfunding platform. The American president was portrayed as a crying baby in a diaper and a telephone. The accompanying note to the exhibit specifies that the first time this sculpture appeared in London was three years ago - in 2018, an inflatable statue was lifted into the sky over the British capital during protests over the visit of the US leader. Later, the inflatable Trump was seen in the skies over Argentina, France, Denmark and Ireland.

The administration of the Museum of London admitted that they gladly accepted this new exhibit into their collection. The exhibition, which was supplemented by a giant flying statue, also includes art objects that are associated with protests over climate change and the suffragist movement.

According to Sharon Ament, director of the Museum of London, the inflatable Trump in the museum's collection will be a reminder of the mood that prevailed in London during the visit of the American leader. The creators of the inflatable sculpture, in turn, expressed the hope that their masterpiece will be a good reminder of the struggle of society against the politics of hatred, which, according to London, is carried out during his tenure as President Donald Trump.

It is worth saying that one of the few who today supports Donald Trump is his son, who, after Twitter blocked the account of the American president, said that “The world is laughing at America, and Mao, Lenin and Stalin are smiling. Are big tech companies able to censor the president? Free speech is dead and controlled by powerful leftists."

He also tweeted a link to his own site and noted that he did so in case he becomes the next to be blocked by the social network Twitter. In addition, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram also blocked Trump's accounts for various periods. The reason for this was the appeal of the American leader to the protesters, who staged a pogrom in the building of the US Congress in early January. In his messages, Trump urged his supporters to behave peacefully, did not approve of their actions, but at the same time called them patriots and argued that the elections were pure fraud.

It is worth recalling that Trump's opponents and US First Lady Melania Trump were not spared. Several months ago, in Slovenia, near the town of Sevnica, where she was born, a wooden sculpture depicting the wife of the American president was set on fire. After the incident, the disfigured statue was removed from the scene.

The statue of the first lady of the United States was carved from the trunk of a linden tree with a chainsaw. The author of the art object is local sculptor Ales Zhupevts. He portrayed Melanie in full growth with rather rough features. The first Delhi was depicted in a blue dress, in which she appeared at the inauguration of her husband.

Another wooden sculpture, this time depicting Trump himself, was burned by opponents of the American president in the Slovenian city of Moravce.

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