A friend in need: A dog saves its owner from a panic attack
A friend in need: A dog saves its owner from a panic attack
The dog rescues the owner in difficult times

24-year-old Arizona resident suffers from panic attacksduring which she is unable to control herself and often unconsciously injures herself. Her loyal friend Rottweiler rescues the hostess in such difficult moments. The girl posted a video of one of these seizures, so that people would understand what happens to people who have the same diagnosis as her.

Rottweiler Samson helps his mistress cope with an emotional breakdown

"," - writes Daniel Jacobs (Danielle Jacobs) under her video, which she posted on YouTube.

Danielle took Samson into a regular dog shelter

Asperger's Syndrome is still not fully understood, the causes of its occurrence are not known, as well as there is no single way to cure this condition. Some consider this syndrome to be a type of autism, others distinguish it as a separate disease. One way or another, using the example of Daniel Jacobs, you can see that specially trained animals are able to help patients with such a diagnosis in times of crisis and are indispensable when such a person is left alone.

Samson took several courses to be able to help his mistress

Four-year-old Rottweiler Samson is specially trained to cope with various problems that may arise from his owner. Danielle took him from an orphanage, and after being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome 2 years ago, she decided to send Samson to special courses. "" - writes Daniel.

Danielle posted a video on YouTube to raise awareness of the issue

With her video, Danielle Jacobs wanted to raise a topic for discussion about people with similar mental disorders. Ignoring such people, society leaves them alone with their own problems. "- says Daniel. -"

Also widely known the story of a little girl Irispainting stunning pictures. This girl suffers from autism, but a domestic cat helps her to cope with her problems, which opened the door for the girl to the world of emotions and communication.

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