The foggy splendor of watercolors by Arusha Votsmush (Alexandra Shumtsova)
The foggy splendor of watercolors by Arusha Votsmush (Alexandra Shumtsova)
Brilliant watercolors by Arusha Votsmush (Alexander Shumtsov)

"The paintings of this master will not leave anyone indifferent. They are so good that I could marry them," said my colleague thoughtfully, looking through a selection of amazing watercolors, the author of which is the Sevastopol artist Arush Votsmush… A healthy sense of humor gave him an exclusive pseudonym, and an absolute talent - the ability to transfer dreams and dreams to paper, as well as fairy tales and other stories that, if they were real, now, on paper, seem to be magical illusions from the world of foggy dreams. Alexander Shumtsov was born in the Siberian city of Omsk, but Arush Votsmush has been living and working in Sevastopol for many years. It is Sevastopol that is most often depicted in the artist's paintings, although their foggy splendor, which is a distinctive feature of all the watercolors of this author, creates more of a Petersburg mood than a Crimean one.

Magic painting by Arusha Votsmush (Alexander Shumtsova) Paintings with half hints. Creativity of Arusha Votsmush

Votsmush's paintings are called small stories, and stories from the past rather than the present. Masterly combining textures and lines, mastering color and light perfectly, the artist performs miracles every time he starts working on a new plot. Subtle, weightless, covered with a translucent haze of fog, watercolors by Arusha Votsmush resemble a mysterious, but incredibly attractive young lady who speaks in hints. And only reading between the lines, you can guess what is what: where is the proud Sevastopol and ancient Prague, where is the blue sky and azure sea, where red trams run through the misty morning, and what is the dream of huge ships and tiny boats docking.

Foggy watercolor masterpieces by Arusha Votsmush (Alexander Shumtsova) Watercolor painting by Alexander Shumtsov, aka Arush Votsmush Sevastopol, Prague and much more. Watercolor paintings by Arusha Votsmush (Alexander Shumtsov)

Absolute talent is not an exaggeration. Arush Votsmush travels a lot, doing, in addition to painting, music, animation and directing. However, he calls all this a hobby, a hobby, since he connects his professional activity only with painting. Preferably watercolors, but there are also graphic drawings in the author's portfolio. The artist paints his paintings in a complex watercolor technique on hand-made paper, so the cost of his works ranges from one to 4000-5000 thousand dollars.

Creativity of the Sevastopol watercolorist Arusha Votsmush (Alexander Shumtsov) Painting by Arusha Votsmush in watercolor on hand-made paper Connoisseurs are ready to pay thousands of dollars for watercolors by Arusha Votsmush

However, despite the numbers with three zeros, the works of Arusha Votsmush are in the personal collections of famous people both in Ukraine and Russia, and foreign connoisseurs of beauty. And all because you fall in love with the artist's paintings at first sight and forever. You can admire this beauty not only at personal exhibitions, but also on the personal website of Arusha Votsmush (Alexander Shumtsov).

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