Mayakovsky with a taste of vodka with cranberries and blueberry Darth Vader. Unusual STOYN Ice Cream
Mayakovsky with a taste of vodka with cranberries and blueberry Darth Vader. Unusual STOYN Ice Cream
Designer ice cream by Sergey Starostin STOYN Ice Cream

Someone who is in no hurry to admit ice cream real a work of artI have never tasted such exotic desserts as bacon or green tea ice cream or cayenne, chili and sesame seeds. However, all of the above is a foreign practice. In Russia, however, there are heroes who are ready to present to the domestic consumer a whole series of unusual designer ice cream called STOYN Ice Cream… Mayakovsky with the taste of vodka with cranberries, blueberry Darth Vader, Che Guevara from mate and rum - and this is not the whole collection of unusual tastes of an ordinary delicacy. Designer ice cream STOYN Ice Cream is the brainchild of a Russian inventor Sergey Starostin, head of the independent ambient advertising agency STOYN. Within the walls of this agency, the idea was born to feed Russians with unusual ice cream, which would be made from organic ingredients grown in Russia by Russian farmers. The images of celebrities of all times and peoples were taken as a basis: Mayakovsky and Marilyn Monroe, Che Guevare and Darth Vader, one of the Mario brothers, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, as well as symbols that are iconic for our era, such as a spray can for graffiti, a pistol and a camera …

Comandante Che and Marilyn Monroe are equally tasty and cool Presentation of unusual designer STOYN Ice Cream in Moscow Symbols of the era: Sunrise tequila-flavored Mario and bubblegum-flavored graffiti spray

The combination of ingredients for each serving of the designer ice cream has also been carefully selected to match the chosen look. For example, it was not in vain that Mayakovsky was “entrusted” with the taste of vodka with cranberries, because it is these products that are the stereotypical ideas of foreign citizens about the “mysterious Russian soul”. And the incomparable Marilyn will seem like a magical strawberry and cream dessert - Kennedy's favorite delicacy. As for the graffiti spray can, being a symbol of the 90s, it also has a corresponding taste - chewing gum. The cartoon characters Donald and Mickey, adored by babies, are endowed with flavors of banana and chocolate and aromatic mango.

Russian vodka under spreading cranberries in the image of Mayakovsky and strawberry-creamy Marilyn STOYN Ice Cream baby ice cream in the form of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse STOYN Ice Cream series of original ice cream

Sergei Starostin claims that we are all so mired in simple geometric shapes - squares, rectangles, triangles and circles, that it's time to change something and reach for more complex, avant-garde, modern objects. And why not start breaking stereotypes with ice cream, a standard popsicle on a stick that easily turns into a custom popsicle and therefore even more desirable. Read more about unusual designer ice cream on the STOYN website.

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