17 photos of adorable owls resting after a hard night - the mimimeter goes off scale
17 photos of adorable owls resting after a hard night - the mimimeter goes off scale

Recently, the owls are confidently pushing kittens from the pedestal of mimic champions. Their photos are going viral, wandering around the Internet. All the owls did for this was just take a nap. Do you think they do it while sitting? Far from it! They sleep face down, as if they were having an incredibly stormy night with copious libations. At the same time, they look incredibly touching and touching!

In the modern world, the image of an owl can be found almost everywhere. Owls decorate fashionable clothes, various accessories and jewelry with their images. Such popularity is not surprising: a fluffy cloud of feathers, huge eyes filled with simply cosmic wisdom and a hilarious sleeping position! The unimaginable lunar romanticism of the image, combined with some truly primitive savagery, conceals a mystery that madly wants to unravel. And also those lovely fluffy ears! In fact, these are just bunches of feathers, but how unimaginably cute it looks!

As usual, everything new is well forgotten old. So it is with the hobby for owls. The oldest known image of this fluffy beauty is about 36,000 years old! It is located in the Chauvet cave in the south of France. The owl was drawn from the back, the bird's head turned 180 degrees. She seems to be looking at those who are approaching her.

In general, the image of these birds is shrouded in all kinds of myths and mystical riddles. For example, in English folklore, owls have long been considered harbingers of trouble. Folk omens claimed that if you see this bird in front of the window of your house, then surely someone will die.

The attitude towards these cute birds has been controversial at all times

The great Shakespeare in his most famous tragedy "Macbeth" called the owl "the fatal bell ringer", because the bells were ringing, announcing someone's execution.

They sleep just touchingly Contrary to popular belief, owls do not sleep sitting, especially when young In a dream, they do not fall, as they cling to a branch with their hind paw

It is always amazing how owls can turn their heads. They can do this 270 degrees in each direction. Owls have 14 cervical vertebrae, which is twice as many as humans. This allows them to turn their necks without damaging their blood vessels or blocking blood flow to the brain.

The image of the owl is shrouded in an aura of mystery and romance In Western culture, the owl is a symbol of wisdom

In our culture, owls represent wisdom and knowledge. You can often find their images with a book in their hands. Scientists attribute this to the influence of the myths of Ancient Greece. There Athena, the goddess of wisdom, was almost always depicted with an owl. Among the Indians, this is a talisman that promises protection from danger and the awakening of intuition.

But, for example, in India, everything is exactly the opposite. The owl is considered a symbol of stupidity. "Ulu" is an owl in Hindi, similar to our "fool". In China and Egypt, the owl is also extremely negatively treated. The bird is considered a symbol of death, cold and loneliness.

In Eastern culture, by contrast, owls have a less positive reputation In medieval Europe, owls were endowed with magical powers In fairy tales, witches often turned into owls

During the Middle Ages, the owl was also not a popular image. People believed that owls were directly related to black magic and witchcraft. Fairy tales depict an owl as a reincarnation of a witch. The bird is also credited with a connection with the world of the dead.

Owls have a controversial reputation. Of course, everything is understandable: nocturnal lifestyle, silent flight, eerie otherworldly sounds they make, eyes that glow in the dark and the ability to turn your head 270 degrees! It scared people, how unusual it was. Therefore, it caused fears, giving rise to various mystical inventions.

These cute fluffy birds are affectionate Anything unusual in people often causes fear They really sleep, as if after a stormy night

Some people associate increased interest in recent years with popular books about the young wizard Harry Potter, who had a faithful friend and helper - the owl Buckle.

Someone believes that the fascination with these birds is associated with the division of people into owls and larks. It is believed that 40% of owl people, 25% of lark people. Those who consider themselves "owls" and determined the popularity of the birds.

Some associate owl popularity with the Harry Potter books The image of an owl adorns the clothes of the most fashionable and famous designers

Formally, owls burst into the world of haute couture at the Burberry Fall-Winter 2012 show. The most famous designers have adorned their clothes with images of fluffy wise birds.

Journalist Michael Rees tweeted a photo of a sleeping owl. It went viral instantly and prompted many people to post pictures of cute dozing birds. At the same time, they look like they had a really hard night! The owl with the photo of Rhys was dubbed "Booze" from someone's light hand.

Michael believes that young owls love to sleep on their stomachs due to their heavy heads. There is no scientific evidence for this. One environmental organization that deals with conservation issues has published an extremely touching story about two little owls. They fell out of the nest. After the rescuers put them back on the tree, the birds lay on their stomachs, turned their heads to the side and fell asleep sweetly.

Michael Rees thinks young owls sleep like that because their heads are too heavy Owls are extremely curious

Experts say that owls have a short nap and they hate waking up, even to eat. Owlets do not fall out of the nest when they sleep. They hold onto a branch with their toes. Their exploratory spirit, when chicks are awake, prompts them to experiment, as a result of which they often fall right under people's feet.

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