Marilyn Manson fainted on stage, scaring fans
Marilyn Manson fainted on stage, scaring fans

In the American city of Houston, Texas, a joint concert of Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie took place. During one of the musical compositions, Manson became ill. This time the cover-version of the song "Sweet Dreams" was performed. To stay on his feet, the musician leaned against the monitor, but only he got worse, and the artist lost consciousness.

Rob Zombie told everyone who came to the concert that the reason for Manson's discomfort was the weather and now he is on the bus, where he comes to his senses. In order not to interrupt the performance, he tried to attract the audience to singing songs and to do it as loudly as possible so that Manson could also hear on the bus. Despite his efforts, the concert was still interrupted, but at the same time Manson did not refuse the next performance in Denver.

The troubles that make fans worry about the health and life of their favorite artist arise with Marilyn Manson from time to time. Last time, fans who came to a concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York Manhattan in the fall of 2017 were very worried about the musician's condition. And these experiences were not unfounded. During his performance, the artist wanted to make it more spectacular and decided to climb onto a decorative structure in the form of two large pistols. But this structure turned out to be not too strong and collapsed along with Manson, who was under the rubble. Several dozen people immediately rushed to save the idol, but soon they were asked to leave. After his release, the artist lay for some time and was asked to bring ice, and after that he was completely hospitalized. It is interesting that such a trouble with Manson happened during the performance of the same song "Sweet Dreams".

By the way, this is not the first time the musician loses consciousness on stage, as it already happened to him during a performance in 2013 in the city of Saskatoon, which is located in Canada. Many assumed that the musician was ill due to the large amount of alcohol he had drunk, but Manson's manager said that the artist performed despite the fact that he was sick. Then everything went without hospitalization.

In 2014, the artist was supposed to give a whole series of concerts in the Russian Federation, and many fans were expecting the performance of their favorite artist. But his speeches were disrupted by social movements and Orthodox activists.

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