Sergei Shnurov received a Moscow residence permit and left Leningrad
Sergei Shnurov received a Moscow residence permit and left Leningrad
Sergei Shnurov received a Moscow residence permit and left Leningrad

The leader of the "Leningrad" group, the general producer of the RTVi TV channel and the co-chairman of the Party of Growth, Sergei Shnurov, became a Muscovite, refusing to register in St. Petersburg. This is reported by leading news portals.

The famous musician not only made a Moscow registration at the place of permanent residence, but even transferred his individual entrepreneur to the capital tax accounting. This became known from the data that are publicly published in the USRIP database and on the FTS website.

It is worth saying that colleagues in the shop did not fail to joke about this. On the birthday of St. Petersburg, the other day the city turned 318 years old, Ivan Urgant invited Boris Grebenshchikov, the leader of the Aquarium group, to his show. BG presented a musical number, and then touched on Shnurov's move to Moscow from the Northern capital.

Ivan Urgant, in turn, joked: "The biggest gift to the Northern capital was made today by Sergei Shnurov - he became a Muscovite." In Dmitry Khrustalev, a colleague of Urgant, he stressed that now Shnurov will do everything as it should be - to lead Leningrad from Moscow.

Recently, serious changes have taken place in the life of Sergei Shnurov. So, last summer it became known that he was appointed general producer of the PTVI TV channel. And the musician himself admitted that he quit drinking. Refusal from alcohol is associated with another important event in the life of Shnurov. His 30-year-old wife Olga Abramova is in position. In this regard, Shnurov even made a statement in the media, in which he asked not to spread any rumors about his wife's pregnancy. In one of the interviews, he noted that his wife is a non-public person, does not like social events, and under her influence, he himself prefers to refuse them.

Recall that this year Sergei Shnurov, who had not previously been shy in expressions in his work, came out in support of the law prohibiting swearing on social networks. The musician gave explanations of his position and said: "I am for it, because the prohibitions that are unrealistic to execute play to discredit the bestial seriousness of the authorities." According to the rocker, no one ever throughout history has been able to derive obscene vocabulary from the Russian language.

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