The director of "Predator" and "Die Hard" called films about superheroes fascist
The director of "Predator" and "Die Hard" called films about superheroes fascist

The well-known American director John McTiernan has expressed his opinion about the current fashion for the so-called superhero cinema. McTiernan's statement turned out to be rather harsh. The thing is that he branded such works "fascist". In particular, it was about the series of films "The First Avenger" and other similar films, which are based on popular (and not so much) comics.

The director stressed that in these films, of course, there is an action inherent in the genre of action films, representatives of the human race, he refused. According to him, even the “stupidest” action movie, shot in the past decades, is much better than what Hollywood is releasing today. He also noted that, despite all the action, effects and violence, the old ones were powerful enough, but they lack the most important thing - people. Dressed up in tights of freaks, the director is considered a core of values, since they told about people and how to behave. John McTiernan mentioned the family values ​​so beloved by Americans. According to him, old films at least told about how a man and a woman should behave. There is no such thing in superhero movies.

The director explained that after watching modern films, children will think that they will never become such superheroes, which means that their own life is unimaginably gray, boring and not interesting to anyone. He considers this message to be absolutely unacceptable for mainstream cinema.

John McTiernan stressed that he tried to watch superhero films, but they annoy him from the first second. He also expressed bewilderment at how you can watch a movie called "Captain America".

Recall that John McTiernan is the creator of such widely beloved films as Predator and Die Hard. He also shot The Witch Doctor, The Hunt for Red October, The 13th Warrior, The Thomas Crown Affair and many other films.

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