Rotten Tomatoes Bans Posting Comments on Films Prior to Premiere
Rotten Tomatoes Bans Posting Comments on Films Prior to Premiere
Rotten Tomatoes Bans Posting Comments on Films Prior to Premiere

Rotten Tomatoes is one of the largest virtual portals dedicated to cinematography. Its staff even compiles its own scale for evaluating films. The management of the portal came up with new rules, according to which users are not allowed to comment on this or that feed until its official premiere has taken place. The corresponding message spread over the network on the evening of February 26.

Users of this portal know that previously they had the opportunity to get acquainted with the rating of the waiting time for the release of each film. Expectancy was expressed as a percentage and showed the interest of film critics and ordinary users in a particular film. The administration of the portal also decided to refuse to use such a rating. Now users will only be able to specify whether they plan to watch a specific feed or not.

The owners of the portal explained their similar actions by the fact that they wanted to protect the site and its public from intruders in this way. Also, such actions should contribute to a more honest and accurate expression of the opinions of fans.

In one of the foreign magazines it is said that the administration of the Rotten Tomatoes portal thought about the introduction of new rules after a huge number of negative reviews about the Captain Marvel movie appeared on the site. Many comments turned out to be frankly offensive due to the fact that it seemed to someone that there was a feminist overtones in this motion picture. And this is all despite the fact that the premiere of the film itself is scheduled only for March 8, 2019.

The expectation rating for the new movie was very low and amounted to only 28%. Such indicators prompted the owners of the Rotten Tomatoes portal to the idea that users carried out such actions on purpose. By the way, earlier there were already suspicions about such coordinated actions of users, but they did not attach much importance, until the case with the film "Captain Marvel". Now the administration has decided to take a responsible approach to this issue.

In a statement, the administration said that in recent years, there has been an increasing number of non-constructive user input, which is very much like ordinary trolling. It has a negative impact on the audience of the portal. It is impossible to ignore this, and therefore I had to sacrifice the expectation rating, which, by the way, some users even confused with the ratings of the already released film.

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