The main screenings of the film "T-34" were held in the USA
The main screenings of the film "T-34" were held in the USA
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On February 20, the main screenings of the Russian film "T-34" took place in the United States of America. They turned out to be very successful and took place in completely filled auditoriums. This was told by Alexander Belyakov, who holds the position of Group Development Director at Kinosfera. He was responsible for organizing the screenings of this film in Canada and America.

On Wednesday, the Russian film was shown in ten cities in the United States. The screening was planned in 12 cinemas, and a screening was held in each of them. Nothing could prevent this, neither the Ukrainian embassy, ​​demanding to celebrate the screenings of the Russian film, nor radical activists. With full auditoriums, the film "T-34" was screened in cinemas in Miami, Seattle, Chicago, and New York. In the last two American cities, this Russian-made film was shown twice in one day. On the same day, the film was shown in cinemas in Los Angeles, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, Denver, Houston. Neither letters nor calls from activists, which were received for a long time, could disrupt the showing of the Russian film on the big screens of the United States of America.

Belyakov said that by February 20, the appeal from radicals to cinemas had practically ceased and the very day of the main screenings of the T-34 turned out to be quite successful. The only unpleasant moment was a picket near a cinema in Boston. But it was organized in such a way that, on the contrary, it could be mistaken for an advertisement for a film, since opponents of Russian cinema went to this action with balloons in the shape of a tank. The picket turned out to be fruitless and meaningless.

The film was scheduled to be shown in private theaters in San Francisco and Boston on February 21st. Their owners were frightened by numerous letters and calls from radical citizens. In San Francisco, they decided to completely abandon the screening, in Boston, its screening was moved to a cinema hall, which is part of a large cinema chain. The last screening of the film, which is in Russian, but supplemented with English subtitles, will take place in the United States on February 27 in Cleveland.

It should be noted that the Kinosfera company plans to show another Russian film in the near future. This is a story from director Igor Zaitsev, titled "Tobol". It will be shown in American cinemas from March 10 to 17.

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