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Why quiz is great for modern corporate leisure
Why quiz is great for modern corporate leisure
Why quiz is an excellent solution for corporate recreation

Over the past few years, cultural and intellectual entertainment has been gaining more and more popularity among the public. Quiz organization is a good example of new fashionable hobbies. It is simply impossible to imagine a successful corporate event today without such events.

What is a quiz?

Against the background of the losing popularity of the mafia game, young people began to look for more attractive cultural and intellectual games. Considering that live quests are also gradually receding into the past, the empty niche was occupied by quiz, which is essentially a team game in which the participants answer the questions of the presenter. An intelligent and entertaining competition solves several problems at the same time:

  • in the course of the game, the team draws closer together;
    • team spirit is strengthened;

  • some participants show leadership qualities;
    • the time is spent brightly and cheerfully.

    The main scenario of the game is based on the Quiz game invented by Sean Hennessy. This kind of cultural leisure came to us from Western Europe, where quiz managed to win popular love not only in offices, but also at home. The competition is popular during a noisy feast or crowded leisure time.

    Team play mechanics in Quiz

    The whole process of the event consists of six rounds. The basic scenario is selected initially according to the preferences of the players.

    Participants are divided into teams, for each of which a separate gaming table is allocated. Groups can be formed voluntarily from colleagues or in a random way, for example, by drawing lots. Success in the game requires effective brainstorming, well-coordinated internal communications and team cohesion.

    It is important not to use any means of communication (computers, tablets, laptops, etc.) that will distort the real results. The team's answers are recorded on a pre-prepared form, which must later be submitted to the jury. Results are calculated at the end of the competition, not after each round.

    In the game, the captain must choose the final version of the answer, relying on both knowledge and intuition. The limited time allotted for pondering the answer stimulates and mobilizes the intellectual abilities of the participants.


    This version of the quiz assumes simple, unambiguous answers to the questions posed by the presenter on various topics related to knowledge of geography, history, literature, music, various exact or humanitarian sciences, or information from everyday life. The number of correct answers is summed up.

    Video Quizzes

    If you have a large monitor or projector in the room, you can play with video questions. They are often cuts of small clips created on the basis of cuts from popular films, promotional videos, TV series or music videos.

    In original stories, it is required to voice or record the continuation of the character's phrase, name a film or artist on the screen. The winners are those who, in a limited time, will be able to cope with emotional stress and correctly answer the maximum number of questions.


    For this type of entertainment, organizers need to prepare in advance pictures or images of popular movie characters, historical characters, famous places on the planet, famous logos (brands) or natural phenomena. After showing the picture, the facilitator asks a related question.

    Quiz quotes

    World classics left many catchwords for posterity. Almost everyone knows these phrases. Most of these statements have authors known to many who can be guessed.

    The facilitator can read quotes from the stage or write on the board. Both simple phrases from the school curriculum and less well-known, but recognizable statements by the author's style, are used.

    In order to diversify this version of the game, simple tips are used. For example, you can supplement the question with some kind of image, music or video. This makes the process more exciting and exciting. Additional context helps to unambiguously interpret the answer in controversial situations.

    Intellectual questions

    You can use certain clues to guess some of the celebrities. The character is encrypted according to the known biographical data, according to the creative path or according to the stages of social activity. Teams in such conditions are given the same questions, and the answers to each of them bring points from 0 to 100. Whoever brings more points to the piggy bank with the most complete answers will be the winner.

    Audio Quiz

    Almost everyone loves music competitions. In them, the participants guess songs, national and world performers or groups. Music lovers are provided with a snippet of a composition that needs to be quickly identified. You can dilute the audio competition with quotes from popular films or TV series that most of the participants know.

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