The clip of representatives of the Indian caste of untouchables became a hit on the Internet
The clip of representatives of the Indian caste of untouchables became a hit on the Internet
6-Pack Band and Ashish Patil

The music video of the first Indian transgender music group, the 6-Pack Band, was watched by 2 million people on YouTube in two days. This unusual group has six members, and each of them belongs to the Hijras - one of the untouchable castes in India, which includes representatives of the "third" sex.

Y-Films is the youth division of one of the oldest Bollywood film studios, Yash Raj Films. The head of the company, Ashish Patil, launched an unexpectedly unusual project - he created the 6-Pack Band, whose musicians were Indian transgender people. He hopes in this way to solve the problem of adaptation in the society of these people.

“The LGBT community in India is very different from similar communities in other countries. Such people are on a social day, and their families are completely isolated,”says Patil.

He chose a rather cautious tactic, trying to prevent the band's clip from becoming cartoonish and stereotypical like most Bollywood videos. His team, along with composer Shamir Tandona, spent over six months looking for young talents among minorities. From an initial list of 200 candidates, 40 of the most promising were selected first. And as a result of the final selection, only 6 people remained.

All members of the 6-Pack Band are from Mumbai, they are from 22 to 33 years old, and after the selection they were all trained in the best music studios. The author of the project claims that the songs they perform should have a unique voice for each performer of the group.

It remains to be noted that in 2014, by a decision of the Supreme Court of India, transgender people were recognized as people of the third sex. There are about two million of them in the country. According to Indian human rights defenders and LGBT activists, transgender people often live in poverty and are ostracized. Most earn their living by singing and dancing or begging and prostitution.

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