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The main woman in life: 20 famous personalities with their loving mothers
The main woman in life: 20 famous personalities with their loving mothers
Mothers of famous people

Mom is the main word in the world, which sounds almost the same in all languages ​​of the world. Mother's hands support the little ones who are learning to walk, and mothers are ready to lend their reliable shoulder to their adult children. In our review, children's photos of famous people and wonderful women who gave them life.

1. Yuri Nikulin with his mother Lydia Ivanovna

Famous and beloved artist of many generations

2. Armen Dzhigarkhanyan with his mother Elena Vasilievna

One of the most talented actors in Soviet theater and cinema

3. The Samoilov brothers with their mother Irina Vladimirovna

The backbone of the Agatha Christie group is the Samoilov brothers - Vadim and Gleb

4. Vakhtang Kikabidze with his mother Manana Konstantinovna Bagrationi

Famous Georgian actor and musician

5. Valery Kipelov with his mother Ekaterina Ivanovna

A well-known rock musician and one of the founders and the first vocalist of the rock group "Aria"

6. Veniamin Smekhov with his mother

A talented actor, director and TV presenter

7. Viktor Tsoi with his mother Valentina Vasilievna

Soviet rock musician, songwriter and artist, the last romantic of the Soviet era, an idol for several generations

8. Dima Dibrov with his mother Tatyana Valentinovna

One of the brightest and most remarkable TV presenters in the modern history of Russia

9. Vyacheslav Butusov with his mother Nadezhda Konstantinovna

Russian rock musician, leader of the groups Nautilus Pompilius and U-Peter

10. Ilya Glazunov with his mother Olga Konstantinovna

An outstanding Russian artist of our time

11. Boris Grebenshchikov with his mother Lyudmila Kharitonovna

Russian and Russian poet, singer-songwriter, rock musician and classical dancer, denier of the theory of relativity, famous musician and leader of the rock group Aquarium, one of the founders of Soviet rock music

12. Yuri Vizbor with his mother Maria Grigorievna Shevchenko

Soviet songwriter, film actor, journalist, prose writer

13. Yuri Shevchuk with his mother Fania Akramovna

Soviet and Russian musician, poet, composer, founder and member of the DDT group

14. Robert Rozhdestvensky with his mother Vera Pavlovna

One of the most famous poets of the Soviet Union

15.Alexander Maslyakov with his mother Zinaida Alekseevna, late 1940s

Soviet and Russian TV presenter

16.Alexander Porokhovshchikov with his mother Galina Alexandrovna, 1939

People's Artist of Russia

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