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World War I in color photographs by French photographers
World War I in color photographs by French photographers
The First World War in the lens of French military correspondents

At the beginning of the 20th century, French autochromists conducted a color photo chronicle of the First World War. This review contains photographs by Paul Castelnau and Fernand Cuville, thanks to which we can see the events of those distant years in color. So, let's see how the First World looked like through the eyes of the French.

1. War trophy

A French soldier at the battle banner of the 37th Yekaterinburg Infantry Regiment in 1917

2. Railway howitzer

520-mm Schneider railway howitzer model 1916

3. Long-range weapon

A powerful 320mm long-range Cyclone gun in the Belgian city of Hogstade in 1917

4. Calculation of a heavy machine gun

Calculation of a heavy machine gun, which is at least three people

5. French anti-aircraft complex

French anti-aircraft crew, which is designed to provide direct cover for ground forces

6. Nieuport 17

One of the best fighters of the First World War in 1917

7. War plant

Assembly of Farman aircraft in Paris in 1917

8. The largest non-nuclear explosion

A huge crater formed as a result of a powerful explosion of 19 mines installed under German positions near Messines in West Flanders in 1917

9. Medical vehicles

Armored medical vehicles of the French troops. Belgium, 1917

10. Military truck

A military truck on the Western Front of the First World War

11. Mini train

Mini train that brought provisions and ammunition to the front line in 1917

12. British colonial soldiers

British colonial soldiers from Punjab in France in 1917

13. Soldiers from Africa

Soldiers from Africa during the First World War

14. Everyday soldier's life

Life of a soldier in the village of Saint-Ulrich in 1917

15. Guarding the bridge

Soldier of the Algerian People's Democratic Republic in 1917

There is great interest in and rare photographs taken by the famous photographer Jacob Steinberg in 1917.

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