A girl with no legs tore down 30 chairs in 15 years working as a village doctor
A girl with no legs tore down 30 chairs in 15 years working as a village doctor
Li Yuhong on the doorstep of the pharmacy

Li Yuhong lost both legs in a terrible accident when she was only 4 years old. When she was 8 years old, she learned to move with the help of wooden stools, on which she leaned on her hands. Now 37 years old, Li has been caring for patients in her home village for 15 years.

Li Yuhong measures blood pressure During her 15 years as a doctor, Li Yuhung has helped almost every inhabitant of her village and nearby settlements

Looking at Lee Yuhong (Li Juhong), you just wonder how this girl manages not to lose willpower, endurance and patience. Li lives in the small Chinese village of Wadian in the southwest of the country. From the outside, Lee's work seems like real heroism, but for the girl herself, it's just what she really likes. Yes, such work does not come easily to her. But seeing her patients recover, Li Yoohong understands that she cannot be relaxed and feel sorry for herself - she is really needed.

Lee makes home visits to patients who, for various reasons, cannot come to see her themselves At the age of eight, Li learned to walk with wooden stools

Lee lost both her legs in 1983 when she was going to kindergarten. She ran out onto the road and was hit by the wheels of a truck. That's how Lee's life completely changed. She had to re-learn to "walk," which she was able to achieve by wielding two wooden stools. Perhaps another person would have despaired in her place, but Lee was not occupied with the desire to live, learn and be useful - she desperately wanted to become a doctor.

Lee likes her job In 15 years of work, Li has worn out 30 stools

Despite the lack of prostheses, Lee decided that since she can basically move (even with the help of chairs), then she can do whatever she wants. Li left her village to attend medical college, which she graduated in 2000, and became a village doctor a year later.

Li Yuhong has been working as a doctor in the village for 15 years Lee's husband helps her when she has to travel a long distance to the patient's home

Li married a man named Xing from her home village. For Lee's sake, Xing even gave up his job - now he helps around the house and sometimes takes his wife to patients in his arms, if Lee, for some reason, cannot get to them herself. Sometimes he even takes her to neighboring villages if her patients are too old or too sick. Li has over 300 homes with over 1,000 residents under her care. “I just do what I have to do. Even if I didn't get paid, I would still work as a village doctor,” Lee says.

Recently, Lee has also had a chair, which, however, is not always suitable when it comes to rough roads near farms Xing, Lee's husband, quit his job to help the girl around the house Li Yoohong does not consider himself a hero. I just do what I have to A girl with no legs tore down 30 chairs in 15 years, working as a village doctor

There is no excuse for not doing good deeds. Two other Chinese, one of whom is blind and the other was left without both hands, in 12 years turned a lifeless valley into a beautiful grove… The dedication of such people is simply amazing!

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