Icelandic police Instagram: kittens, bagels and geese
Icelandic police Instagram: kittens, bagels and geese
Instagram from the Reykjavik police station

A harsh Scandinavian with a kitten in his arms, a whole tray of delicious bagels, girls with funny fake mustaches - such an Instagram you can expect from your carefree friend, but certainly not from the police department. However, the police in Reykjavik are not like ordinary employees of the law.

Two brave knights are driving Icelandic police skateboarding tricks Hard working days for the Icelandic police

Iceland is the country with the lowest crime rate in the world and therefore the local police (“logreglan” in Icelandic) don't even carry weapons. Pepper cans and clubs are what officers all over the island are armed with. In a country of just over three hundred thousand inhabitants, cases of serious accidents are extremely rare, and there are a total of about eight hundred police officers working throughout Iceland.

The Icelandic police are trying to establish good relations with all the inhabitants of the country Instagram from logreglan Climbing steep peaks

The Icelandic police have their own official Instagram (@logreglan), unlike any other Instagram of its kind. Valiant uniformed cops pose with cute kittens, adorable dogs, take silly selfies and perform various bike stunts. So it is not surprising that the Icelandic police page is the most popular among the rest of the police Instagram: today they have more than eighty thousand readers.

Creative photo of a friendly team Funny photos by logreglan Harsh Scandinavians know no mercy The hard days of the Icelandic police A good office environment is a guarantee of high results Partners should always get along with each other Rest after a hard day's work Funny Instagram from the Icelandic police Bicycle stunts from the Reykjavik police Funny pictures of the Reykjavik police

Instagram helps to identify new stars: in addition to the creative Icelandic police, thanks to this application, he also became famous cute bull terrier jimmy choo, the protagonist of funny half-drawn dramatizations.

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