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33 photographs from the everyday life of the Soviet people in 1963
33 photographs from the everyday life of the Soviet people in 1963
All-Union Spartakiad in 1963 at the Luzhniki Stadium

1963 went down in history as the apogee of the Khrushchev thaw with its gigantic construction projects, endless experiments, and fanatical belief in the superiority of socialism and dreams of the imminent construction of communism. And while the country of the Soviets was catching up and overtaking America, and in a number of directions very successfully, the Soviet people lived the most ordinary life. In our review of 30 photographs from the life of the most ordinary people in 1963.

1. Armenian composer

Soviet Armenian composer Aram Khachaturyan with his students in Armenia

2. Village

Village of Russia

3. May celebrations

Rest for the May holidays in nature

4. Farm manager

A farm manager from the Stalin collective farm, in Stalin's hometown. Gori, Georgia

5. Statue of V. I. Lenin

A statue of V.I.Lenin near the Monastery of the Cross in Georgia

6. The remote village of Barisakho

A scene high in the mountains in the remote village of Barisakho, Georgia

7. Pioneer camp

Pioneer camp in the city of Bratsk, Irkutsk region

8. Guard on the railway

A security guard on the railway near Bratsk

9. Mother with child

Mother with a child in the Caucasus

10. Horse lovers

Horse lovers in the steppe area along the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains

11. Shepherds

Shepherds in the steppe

12. Russian cowboy

Russian cowboy in the steppe near Pyatigorsk

13. Arch of the Winter Palace

Arch of the Winter Palace in Leningrad

14. Carved windows

A boy with a cat look out of the window of a Russian hut

15. Soviet painter

Alexander Loktionov, academic Soviet painter. Moscow

16. Freelance artist

Vasily Sitnikov, freelance artist. Moscow

17. Heroine of Socialist Labor

Nadezhda Zaglada, Ukrainian collective farmer, heroine of socialist labor

18. Lecturer at the Conservatory

David Oistrakh, violin teacher at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Moscow

19. Kindergarten

Children in a kindergarten in Moscow

20. Gorky Park

Ice skating in Gorky Park. Moscow

21. Soviet sculptor

Soviet sculptor Konenkov, who lived in the United States

22. View from the window

Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral from the window of the National Hotel

23. World famous ballerina

Maya Plisetskaya, world famous ballerina. Moscow

24. Sculptor

Madame Manizer, sculptor of Moscow

25. Leading Soviet sculptor

Matvey Manizer, a leading Soviet sculptor in his huge studio

26. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Passers-by and Lenin

27. Puppeteer

Obraztsov Sergey - the main puppeteer of the Soviet Union

28. Icon Collector

Pavel Korin is a painter, portraitist, muralist, collector, Lenin Prize laureate with his collection of icons

29. Vacationers in the Sochi sanatorium

Gymnastic classes for vacationers in the Sochi sanatorium

30. Miners in a sanatorium

Exercise for miners in a sanatorium in the Black Sea resort of Sochi

31. The flight of the first woman into space

Valentina Tereshkova in the cockpit of the ship on June 16, 1963

32. The only unclosed synagogue in Bukhara

The only unclosed synagogue in Bukhara

33. On Red Square

Soviet people on Red Square on November 7

18 color photographs of Moscow and Muscovites 30 years ago allow you to plunge into the era of perestroika and see how people lived at that time

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