Collection of skeletons of animals and birds from wood "Fragile Skeletons"
Collection of skeletons of animals and birds from wood "Fragile Skeletons"
Collection of skeletons Fragile Skeletons

Studying the anatomy of animals and birds is a useful business, especially if the subjects themselves do not suffer. Italian artist Giovanni Longo decided to make life easier for biologists by creating a collection of skeletons of animals and birds from wood. Moreover, the exhibits look as if they were recently dug up by archaeologists. The artist tries to age the wood as much as possible, giving it the texture of real bones with cracks and scratches from scientists' shovels.

Wooden skeletons Fragile Skeletons Wood skeletons Fragile Skeletons Fragile Skeletons Collection

Giovanni Longo admits that he chose wood as the main material for a reason. The point is not even the malleability of raw materials, but the fact that tree branches best convey the mood of the time, reflect the fragility of a living organism in nature and at the same time seem strong, like real bones that have lain in the ground for hundreds of years.

Animal Skeletons Fragile Skeletons Wooden Lizards Fragile Skeletons Fragile Skeletons

The collection "Fragile Skeletons" includes wooden skeletons of birds, bats, dogs, snakes, lizards and many other representatives of the animal world. On each exhibit, Giovanni Longo worked from a week to a month, carefully studying the literature and the real remains of the animal whose skeleton he wanted to restore. Particular attention was paid to the wood from which the collection was created. The branches were carefully selected and processed exclusively by hand.

Fragment of the Fragile Skeletons collection Wooden snake from the Fragile Skeletons collection

The artist spent a lot of time at the Museum of Natural History, where real animal skeletons are exhibited. By the way, photographer Patrick Gries held a photo session in the same museum while working on the Evolution project, which we talked about earlier.

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