Nice to meet you
Nice to meet you

As far back as I can remember, I have always been drawing. And I always experienced this strange feeling - a slight excitement from the fact that a trace is drawn behind the tip of a pencil. It’s almost like magic, it’s an almost fulfilled desire, a touch to the unreal world, the discovery that this unreal world is real. And even if it sounds a little sweet and pretentious, but this is how I felt until recently, some two or three years ago. And now I forgot. I get mature and serious. I don't want to … Remember, remember!

And by profession I am an animator! I love fairy tales and compose them myself.

Fairy of flowers

True, I have no work experience, because I received my diploma already in the sixth month of pregnancy and I am still sitting at home with my daughter. Alice is already a year and a half already, and she already knows how to draw a circle !!! And from the very first time she took the pencil correctly, not at all childishly. I'm so proud of her !!!

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