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The Dark Pages of the Bible: 10 Christian Beliefs They Try Not to Mention
The Dark Pages of the Bible: 10 Christian Beliefs They Try Not to Mention
King Saul - the first king of Israel

Christianity is one of the most widespread religions in the world, with over 2 billion followers worldwide. The teaching is based around the person of Jesus Christ and the canons of the Bible, the sacred book of all Christians. But it turns out that the overwhelming majority of believers do not think about many of the postulates of the Book of Books. Many of them declare many statements to be heresy, until they themselves are convinced that it is really written about it in the Bible.

1. Slaves should honor their masters

Subservience as a canon

This is one of the most controversial places on the list. In the Dwai-Rheims edition of the Holy Bible, this passage from “1 Peter 2:18” reads as follows: “”. But in other versions of the Bible, this is translated a little differently. For example, the New International Version uses the word “servants” instead of “slaves” and “harsh” instead of “rude”. Some people believe that this is a commandment that justifies slavery. Others even specify that this passage refers specifically to sexual slavery. In any case, he preaches the need for obedience to tough leadership.

2. You can beat your slaves

If anyone strikes his servant …

There is actually a lot of material in the Book of Exodus about submission to slave owners, but this particular passage (21:20 - 21) is especially disturbing: According to this rule, a slave owner who beat his slave to death immediately is considered "guilty of a crime." but if the slave has lived a day or two after the execution, then the slave owner is not punished, because the slave is technically (according to biblical law) considered his property.

3. A woman who was not a virgin on her wedding day should be killed

Down the aisle only a virgin

An excerpt from Deuteronomy 22: 20-21 suggests a death sentence for women who allegedly lost their virginity prior to their marriage:

4. If a woman was raped, but she did not scream, she should be put to death

Death for the victim of rape

And we read about this in the Book of Deuteronomy (22:23 - 24): Obviously, cases of rape or the fact that the girl could have her mouth shut (or threatened) were not foreseen.

5. If you sleep with an unmarried virgin, you can buy her

Virgins for sale

This is another strange but surprisingly shocking passage from Deuteronomy (22: 28-29): Not only was the girl raped, but she was also bought as a commodity, and she will be forced to live her whole life with her rapist.

6. Castrat cannot enter the temple

To the theater, but not to the temple …

As it turned out, the ancient Christian texts had rather strict standards regarding who can be admitted to the church. And for men, apparently, genitals were needed to participate in worship. Deuteronomy (23: 1) says the following about this:. It remains only to find out how it was checked at the entrance.

7. Whoever commits adultery must be killed

Do not commit adultery!

This passage can be found in Leviticus (20:10), and it states that if someone commits adultery with another man's wife, both will be put to death. Here is the exact passage: ".

8. About punishing loved ones who want to change their faith

Faith is forever

This verse (Deuteronomy 13: 6-10) is quite long, but if you read it, it is simply creepy: “If your brother, (your father's son or your mother's son), or your son, or your daughter will persuade you in secret, or a wife in your bosom, or your friend, who is dear to you, like your soul, saying: “. Obviously, in the ancient world there was no freedom of religion, and the death penalty was quite common.

9. About genocide

In general … no one was spared

The Book of Samuel (15: 2 - 3) reads the following: “This is what Jehovah says to the host:“”. In fact, in this passage, the God of the Israelites is calling for the complete destruction of the neighboring nation, the Amalekites.

10. About the attitude towards homosexuals

This forbidden love

This is one of the darkest verses in the Bible. Yet many Christians don't even know it exists. The Book of Leviticus (20:13) says: "If anyone lies with a man as with a woman, then both of them have done an abomination: let them be put to death, their blood on them." This verse literally says that if two men have sex like a man and a woman, they must be killed.

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