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The best photos of the past week (01-07 October) from National Geographic
The best photos of the past week (01-07 October) from National Geographic
TOP photo for October 01-07 from National Geographic

Without changing the old traditions, the rubric National Geographic pleases us with amazing pictures of nature, allowing us to look into the most remote corners of our world. This week is the very best published in the first week of the new month, with 1 to 7 October.

01 october

Prayer Flags, Wyoming

The Oglala Indians living on the Pine Ridge Reservation have a very hard life - poverty, despair, and hopelessness reign on the reservation. In the photo, a 9-year-old Indian toddler named Wakinyan Two Bulls hangs prayer flags near the famous American Devil's Tower monument in Wyoming. Probably, the child's pleas to heaven also contain this obvious request.

02 october

Gannet, North Atlantic

Where the northern sea is, there the northern gannet lives. This is a large seabird that has chosen the North Atlantic as a habitat. There the gannet forms large colonies of several thousand pairs and nests on steep rocky shores of small islands.

03 october

Lighthouse Reef, Belize

Lighthouse Reef Atoll is part of the famous Belize Barrier Reef, a major tourist attraction in Belize. Here is the famous Great Blue Hole - a large karst sinkhole submerged by the sea. It is best known by French explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who ranked it as one of the 10 best diving spots in the world, and is the largest barrier reef in the Atlantic Ocean and the second largest in the world after Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

04 october

Lightning, Oklahoma

No two storms are alike, just as there are no two alike heavenly landscapes. So, despite the fact that the storm usually quickly passes over populated areas, this huge black cloud "crawled" for more than an hour a farm town in Oklahoma, bristling with lightning bolts.

05 october

Beachgoer, Rio de Janeiro

On sunny days, millions of people with colorful umbrellas and bouncy balls flood Rio's golden beaches to bask in the sun, swim in the sea and play beach games.

06 october

Caves, Nepal

The caves of Nepal and Tibet keep a lot of secrets and historical secrets, which is why they are a favorite place for archaeologists, historians and curious climbers eager for news and sensations. Explorer Matt Segal, making his way deep into a series of caves dug into the rock 155 feet above the valley, looks so tiny and fragile that he is almost indistinguishable from the background of this whopper. Meanwhile, it continues on its way, because there, inside 800-year-old caves, ancient manuscripts, wall frescoes and other historical treasures can be hidden.

07 october

Snake River Headwaters, Wyoming

Bridger Teton National Forest, located in western Wyoming, stretches from Yellowstone National Park along the eastern edge of Grand Teton Park to the Wind River Ridge. The forest area is truly vast, making Bridger Teton the second largest national forest outside of Alaska. Here, in the forest, the Snake River, one of the largest rivers in Wyoming, originates.

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