Sky photos with clouds by Rüdiger Nehmzow (R ü diger Nehmzow)
Sky photos with clouds by Rüdiger Nehmzow (R ü diger Nehmzow)
Heavenly photos of Ryudiger Nemtsov

Those of us who watch cartoons know that clouds are, in essence, white-maned horses. But the monumental cloud photowhich does German photographer Rüdiger Nemtsov, dispute this statement: in these photographs, the sky and white cloudy steeps on it look like huge country with its mountains and kingdoms - a kind of dreamland.

The sky and clouds in the photo by Ryudiger Nemtsov

Rudiger Nemtsov, born in 1966 in Ansbach, has lived and worked in Düsseldorf since 1987. Having mastered the art of photography and the craft of design in his youth, he made the camera his professional tool, and since 1998 he began to collaborate with a photo agency Laif… Nemtsov is a very experienced and serious photographer, a master of choosing an interesting topic for his work. He is not lazy to travel constantly, photographing factories and cities, bridges and roads, mountains and rivers … His series of portraits (main specialty), natural and urban landscapes are worthy of separate articles - but today we are not talking about earthly landscapes by Nemtsov, but about heavenly …

Heavenly landscapes: cumulus clouds

As regular readers of Kulturologiya.Ru know, there are a lot of celestial photo artists. They are often attracted by the night sky, unreal scenes involving earth and space, or bizarre mixtures of sun and cold water. But Rüdiger Nemtsov gave his heart precisely to photographs of clouds.

Sky-cloud photos

The clouds are somewhat similar to icebergs: we can see only the smallest part of them, only the bottom (at least when it comes to cumulus clouds, which Nemtsov prefers to shoot). Their real beauty is known only to those who, due to the duty of their profession, often fly in white thickets. Rüdiger Nemtsov makes his own sky photos from airplanes - while less creative travelers are sleeping peacefully or tweeting something on Twitter.

Heavenly photos from the plane

Heavenly photo of clouds very similar to large-scale mountain landscapes… Indeed, cumulus clouds have a lot in common with mountains: they can be over five kilometers high! Moreover, if at the bottom they consist of water droplets, then at the top, where it is very cold, from the smallest ice crystals; well, exactly like the snow-capped mountain tops. But photographing them is more difficult than mountains: it is difficult to determine the distance to this or that cloud, and the landscape is constantly washed out by the wind. But it seems that Rüdiger Nemtsov is coping well with the technical difficulties - isn't that so?

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