For both dad and mom: a 10-year-old girl is raising two younger brothers
For both dad and mom: a 10-year-old girl is raising two younger brothers
10-year-old girl is raising brothers on her own

Everyone has their own idea of ​​a happy childhood: someone is dreaming of adventures, someone is dreaming of a large number of toys, and someone is nostalgic about how the Cossacks-robbers played with the guys in the yard. But this little one at the age of 10 knows that happiness is taking care of loved ones. To her two younger brothers, she replaced father and mother.

10-year-old Xiao Ying and her younger brothers

The baby's name is Xiao Ying, and she took on the responsibility of caring for the two brothers after the children were left orphans. Their father died of cancer, and their mother just ran away. "Children's family" lives in a village near Nantan (Japan). Xiao does everything that is needed around the house: she prepares meals, gets the children to school, and also helps to do homework in the evenings. Xiao's life is not to be envied, but she does not give up. Even when the uncle offered to adopt the boys, the brave sister refused. She is confident that she herself will be able to cope with their upbringing, and even vowed that she would replace both father and mother with them.

The sister promised to replace the father and mother to the brothers The baby is one of the best students in the school

The girl taught the brothers how to brush their teeth, explained why they need to study diligently at school. The uncle took the kids to live in his house, and Xiao took over all household chores. She carries water for cooking, washing, and other household chores. It is also important that she also manages to be one of the best students in her class.

A 10-year-old girl does an excellent job of doing household chores Living conditions in the village are not easy

After learning about Xiao's difficult fate, her school began collecting charitable funds. Now a lot of people are helping Xiao and her brothers, because these guys have to go through so many trials every day!

Xiao prepares meals for a large family A sister meets brothers from school The sister taught the brothers how to brush their teeth

The story of another baby is known, who exchanged a happy childhood for taking care of relatives. A 5-year-old girl looks after her grandmother and great-grandmother, left an orphan with her parents alive.

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