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"Painting has become my second language": The amazing world of childhood on the canvases of Morgan Westling
"Painting has become my second language": The amazing world of childhood on the canvases of Morgan Westling
"Independent baby". Author: Morgan Weistling

Each child is so spontaneous and charming that one just wants to immortalize the joyful moments of childhood. This is not a big deal these days. But despite the miracles of technology, painters do not stop painting the wonderful world of childhood. So, behind each work of a famous American artist Morgan Westling there are not just touching and touching images of children, but also amazing stories filled with light, tenderness and warmth.

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Famous American artist Morgan Westling

Morgan Westling was born in 1964. He was the third child in a family of artists, and his fate was predetermined almost from infancy. Little Morgan will barely be one and a half years old when his father begins to acquaint him with the basics of fine art. He devoted all his free time to his son, developing his imagination, taught him to draw.

"Indian Stories". Author: Morgan Weistling

Westling Sr. had a unique gift for telling compelling comic-book stories and passed on his natural storytelling ability to his son. from Morgan's memories.

"Pride and Joy". Author: Morgan Weistling

An extraordinary craving for drawing prompted the future artist to independently study books on art that his father had previously acquired for himself. By the way, Westling Sr. did not manage to get a full art education, the war prevented. Therefore, he was so eager to achieve his unfulfilled dream through his son.

"In dreams". Author: Morgan Weistling

And Westling Jr., based on books, until the age of 15 independently mastered the technique of drawing and painting. Then there was a question about a mentor who could teach a young man to work from nature and comprehend the anatomical structure of all living things. This mentor was a retired illustrator named Fred Fixler for Morgan. His school was called the Brandes Art Institute, where the main emphasis was on working from life. Once, by chance, Morgan's work was seen by a famous illustrator. And the very next day, the young man was hired by one of the leading art agencies in Hollywood.

"Into the ford across the river." Author: Morgan Weistling

For the next 14 years, Morgan managed to work in almost every Hollywood film studio, as well as in many book publishers as an illustrator. And then he suddenly decided to take up painting. Today Morgan Westling has become a very famous artist, whose work can be seen in many famous galleries in the United States and Europe.

"One second glance". Author: Morgan Weistling

And interestingly, in 1990, Morgan met his future wife Joanne at art school, as his parents had once met. She also turned out to be an artist. She now works under the pseudonym J. Peralta "in honor of his grandmother. In the family of Westling Morgan and Joanne, two daughters were born - Brittany and Siena. Both daughters of artists were often models of their paintings.

"Girlfriends". Author: Morgan Weistling

Morgan's addiction to a touching childish theme took its origins from distant childhood and from a sentimental love for his own daughters.

"Young rider." Author: Morgan Weistling

Many of Morgan's works are striking with sincere emotions in a child's gaze, which is incredibly catchy.

"In the chicken coop." Author: Morgan Weistling "Beans". Author: Morgan Weistling "During the dinner". Author: Morgan Weistling "Testicle". Author: Morgan Weistling "Family doctor". Author: Morgan Weistling "Dancing". Author: Morgan Weistling Spilled milk. Author: Morgan Weistling "First Dance". Author: Morgan Weistling Bunny Dance. Author: Morgan Weistling "Before eating". Author: Morgan Weistling "Girl with Peaches". Author: Morgan Weistling "Jam". Author: Morgan Weistling "Dilligence". Author: Morgan Weistling "Doll's laundry". Author: Morgan Weistling "The tormented child." Author: Morgan Weistling "Fishing". Author: Morgan Weistling "The end of the harvest." Author: Morgan Weistling Walking with God. Author: Morgan Weistling "Apples and Oranges". Author: Morgan Weistling "Lizard". Author: Morgan Weistling "Hen". Author: Morgan Weistling

In this video, you can see a large number of reproductions of the original American artist, which were not included in the selection of the review.

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