An unusual cemetery, where instead of gravestones are the tail keels of warplanes
An unusual cemetery, where instead of gravestones are the tail keels of warplanes
The cemetery of Soviet pilots in the north of Estonia

Amari cemetery differs from other burials in Estonia. Here are buried the pilots who died during the Soviet era, when Estonia was part of the USSR, and their graves are decorated with the tail keels of combat aircraft. It is not so easy to find this place - it is located in the middle of the forest, but it is worth seeing it: there is no other such place to be found.

The tail keels of military aircraft became headstones Burials made after the Second World War A cemetery near the military base

This cemetery is located near the small town of Amari, in northern Estonia, not far from the air force base. Initially, the burials were located in a different place, it is assumed that they were made around 1945. However, a few years later they were barbarously dug up in search of trophies - this is accused of escaping prisoners from a nearby prison. Therefore, in 1949, all the graves were carefully moved to a new place, where once upon a time there was also a cemetery.

Soviet aircraft remained with the pilots even after death The cemetery is well maintained, despite its remoteness

As for the tail keels, which were used instead of gravestones, there is no consensus: perhaps these are really the planes on which these pilots flew, or maybe they were taken from other ships. Unfortunately, there is no reliable data on this score. However, despite the fact that the cemetery is located in a remote place, literally in the middle of the forest, it is well maintained.

Pilots of the Soviet army Amari Cemetery

Ossetia also hosts unusual cemetery, however, these burials are unlikely to be transferred, even if the need arises: this is a real funerary city with its houses and flowering meadows.

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