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Women boxers in sports history: from fist fights to the Olympic ring
Women boxers in sports history: from fist fights to the Olympic ring
Female boxers from the past

Back in the early 18th century, women's fights were held, when women entered the ring and beat each other for the amusement of the public. And although no one took them seriously at the time, it was they who laid the foundations of women's boxing. In our review, women boxers from the past, whose names are inscribed in the history of this sport.

Elizabeth Wilkinson

Followers of Elizabeth Wilkinson

Women boxers may have existed before her, but it was Elizabeth Wilkinson Stokes, known under the pseudonym "Cockney Champion", who went down in history as the first famous female boxer. She is also considered the first registered champion of fistfighting, since Martha Jones was officially defeated in a fight in London in 1722.

Pag putting bruises

Elizabeth Wilkinson is the first female boxer

In the 18th century, female boxers were described as "real devils" who fought mercilessly to the last. One of the eyewitnesses to the women's fights wrote that "the faces of the rivals were completely covered in blood, and their clothes were torn into rags." Margaret Malloy, nicknamed "The Bruising Peg," became famous after a 1768 duel in which she allegedly beat her rival unconscious. A new dress was at stake.

3. Nelly Sanders and Rose Garland

Women's fist fights

In 1876, the manager of the Harry Hill gambling center in New York, Professor James Campbell decided to hold a women's boxing match to attract visitors. As a prize, he announced a rather impressive amount of $ 200 at that time and a silver medal. Two variety show dancers volunteered to participate in the battle - an Irish woman and an English woman.

The New York Times wrote about this fight like this: "".

Bessie and Minnie Gordon

By the late 19th century, the only place to see women's boxing was in the vaudeville scene. In 1901, Thomas Edison filmed a demonstration boxing match between sisters Bessie and Minnie Gordon. They were alleged to have fought in real-life fights and were "world champions in women's boxing." In the film, only theatrical staged battle was shown.

Bonus: Unidentified female boxers at the Olympics

And this is already the 1920s

During the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis, women's boxing was shown as a demonstration of the new sport. But this fight did not interest the Olympic Committee, so the next time women took part in a boxing match at the Olympics only in 2012.

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