17 unusually beautiful cakes from a Russian culinary boxer
17 unusually beautiful cakes from a Russian culinary boxer
Renat Agzamov is the most famous chef in Russia

Renat Agzamov - an amazing pastry chef and a real trendsetter in the world of cakes. He creates masterpieces of cream and chocolate that are more reminiscent of large-scale sculptural compositions, but taste almost like my mother's pastries. Although no, tastier, of course. And all because the master of sweet deeds is sure: the appearance of the cake should cause delight, and the taste should remind of home. We have collected a photo 17 masterpiece cakes, but the master has more than 2700 unique works!

Magic cakes Renata Agzamova Renat Agzamov is the most famous chef in Russia

Looking at the photographs of Agzamov, one cannot say that this is a chef. Rather, an athlete, and this is also true. In his youth, Renat was fond of boxing, he finished his sports career in the status of the champion of Russia. And later he retrained as a pastry chef. And in this field he achieved even more mind-blowing results!

Thematic cakes Renata Agzamova Wonderful nesting dolls on the cake Renata Agzamova

Renat Agzamov is the founder of his own culinary school. Although more often he calls it a laboratory. There are many assistants who constantly experiment on the compatibility of ingredients, calculate the required volume, write down recipes (Renat creates on a whim, without looking into cookbooks).

Crystal cake Piano Roman motives Birthday cake

Renat's hobby for cooking began in childhood, at the age of 7 he tried to bake pies and muffins, and at 10 he was not afraid to bake bread. It turned out delicious, as I did it with soul. Renata's mentor was her grandmother, she taught the subtleties and wisdom, she also presented the first book about tasty and healthy food, which is still kept by the maestro.

Magic castle Incredibly beautiful wedding cake Flowers and crystal swans Based on the fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast

Today Renata Agzamova's cakes are a recognizable brand that cannot be confused with anything. A variety of ideas, shapes, decor … Master cakes are the decoration of any celebration. Most often, his confectionery products are ordered by pop stars, actors, in a word, those who can afford it. And this is no wonder: the weight of some cakes can reach semitones, the height is 2.5 m and more!

Children's cakes from Renata Agzamov Renat Agzamov in the studio of the show Let them talk And this is also a cake Caramel chandelier Roses and Skulls

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