How was the fate of the most beautiful actress of the GDR, widely known in the USSR: Renata Blume
How was the fate of the most beautiful actress of the GDR, widely known in the USSR: Renata Blume

This German actress in the 1970s. was very popular in the USSR thanks to her roles in the East German films about the Indians "Apache" and "Ulzana", with Goiko Mitic in the title role. She was also known as the wife of the favorite of the Soviet public, singer Dean Reed. But after in the mid-1980s. he passed away under mysterious circumstances, and both him and his widow were eventually forgotten. How the fate of the actress, who was called the most beautiful woman in the GDR, and what she is doing now - further in the review.

Actress in her youth

Renata Blume was born in 1944 in the German spa town of Bad Wildungen. She dreamed of an acting profession since childhood, and after school she graduated from the Berlin Theater School. While still a student, Renata made her film debut, starring in the film "Broken Sky". In parallel, she performed on the stage of the State Drama Theater in Dresden.

Renata Blume in Keith and Company, 1974

Widespread popularity came to her after 30 years, when Renata Blume began acting in films about the Indians of the East German studio "DEFA". The role of the Mexican beauty Leona in the western "Ulzana" co-produced by the GDR, Romania and the USSR glorified her name far beyond the borders of her homeland. In the West, these westerns were openly ridiculed, and in the USSR, films with the "main Indian" of German cinema, the Yugoslav actor Goiko Mitic, acquired the status of cult.

Renata Blume in Keith and Company, 1974 Renata Blume in the film Ulzan, 1974

On Soviet television, a film was also shown with her participation, "Trampled Shoes", filmed in the GDR in 1977. And in 1980, Renata was offered the lead female role in the film by Soviet director Lev Kulidzhanov "Karl Marx. Youth". The actress embodied in him the image of Marx's wife, the beautiful aristocrat Jenny von Westphalen. For this work, the film star of the GDR was awarded the Lenin Prize. In the 1980s. Soviet viewers could also see Renata Blume in the films "Prince over the Seven Seas" and "Front without Mercy".

Renata Blume, Frank Bayer and Anastasia Vertinskaya

Her personal life has always attracted the attention of the public no less than her work. For the first time the actress got married in 1969. Her husband was the director Frank Bayer, about whom she said: "". The couple had a son, Alexander, but after 5 years this marriage broke up.

Renata Blume and Goiko Mitic

Then there were rumors that the reason for parting with her first husband was Renata Blume's acquaintance with Goiko Mitic. In 1974 they met on the set of Ulzana, but their romance began later. During filming, the actress stated: "". But later they met by chance in a porcelain shop in Berlin, their communication resumed, and they began an affair. The Yugoslavian actor, who played Indians in all East German westerns, was a real handsome man, and he was credited with novels with literally all the partners on the set. He himself never commented on these rumors, stating: "". The actor did not hide the fact that "in his youth he was a terrible womanizer", he was never officially married, but Renata Blume was often called the main love of his life. Whether this was really so is unknown, but for two years they really had a close relationship.

Shot from the movie Front without Mercy, 1983

Goiko Mitic was constantly attacked by crowds of fans, he did not seriously think about marriage and children, and therefore their relationship with Renata Blume could not be durable. The actress believed that he was simply not created for a serious relationship: "". In 1976, the actors broke up.

German theater and film actress Renata Blume Renata Blume and Dean Reed

Back in 1974, on the set of Renata Blume, she met Dean Reed.The American singer, actor and public figure, due to his political views, was forced to emigrate first to Italy and then to the GDR - he was opposed to US nuclear tests and the Vietnam War. His convictions ensured him a warm welcome in the USSR, where Dean Reed became one of the most popular foreign singers and actors. Because of this, in America he was nicknamed the Red Cowboy.

The most beautiful actress of the GDR Renata Blume German theater and film actress Renata Blume

Their rapprochement with Renata Blume happened much later than the joint filming, only after his divorce. The actress recalled: "".

The most beautiful actress of the GDR Renata Blume

Unfortunately, this marriage of Renata lasted only 5 years. In June 1986, Dean Reed's body was found in the lake near his home. The circumstances of his departure are still a mystery. According to the official version, on that day, the artist quarreled with his wife, got behind the wheel, crashed into a tree, flew out of the car, fell into the lake and drowned. For a long time, the singer's fans doubted that it was an accident, suggesting that it was deliberately eliminated by the secret services of either the United States or the USSR. However, this version did not find any confirmation, as well as the assumption that Dean Reed passed away of his own free will. Dean Reed's widow in the press firmly rejected these "speculations that offend the memory of Dean."

German theater and film actress Renata Blume

Be that as it may, this loss was a great shock for Renata Blume. She said: "". Perhaps that is why Renata Blume did not dare to marry anymore. Today, she carefully hides her personal life from the public, admitting only that she has a loved one and that he is not an actor.

Actress in mature years

After a hiatus in the film career of Renate Blume in the 1990s. returned to the screens, but starred a little. In addition, in the early 1990s. she taught acting and continued to perform on the stage. Today, the actress, who recently turned 76 years old, leads a rather secluded lifestyle, rarely gives interviews and does not appear at social events. Renata Blume explains her voluntary seclusion as follows: "".

Actress in mature years

Dean Reed death mystery still haunts his fans and forces them to put forward new versions on this matter.

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