The road that could be the last: Extreme trail in the Chinese mountains
The road that could be the last: Extreme trail in the Chinese mountains
A path without railings in the mountains above the cliff

One of the most popular attractions in China is the Huangshan Mountains, or as they are also called "Yellow Mountains. These are high granite mountains, the tops of which are located above the level of the clouds, and the slopes of which are covered with incredibly beautiful pine trees, about which there are many verses. But, perhaps, the most interesting, in addition to the amazing views, are the hiking trails, which not everyone dares to go through.

The road to the top. Yellow mountains

There are many peaks in the Huangshan Mountain Range, but the highest of them are Lotus Peak, Light Peak and Heavenly Capital Peak. It is to them that the flow of tourists is drawn, mainly Chinese from other regions. In addition to the beauty of the trees and the mountains themselves, here you can often observe interesting lighting effects, which are called "Cloudy Sea" and "Buddha's Light." There are many hotels on the tops of the mountains so that visitors can spend the night at the top, and thus meet the sunset and sunrise, being above the clouds.

Bridge of the Immortals. Huangshan, China The road up is cut right through the mountains It can take more than three hours to get to the top

However, how do visitors get to such a height? There is a completely safe way - a cable car, and there are more risky roads along paths cut in the rocks. Some of these trails run through completely harmless forest landscapes, while the other part is right next to a sheer cliff. The trail, consisting of wooden planks held solely by rusty metal braces, without any railings, is worthy of a separate adventure.

The path is not for the faint of heart The path for the most desperate

Part of such a trail does not offer any additional fall protection at all, except for a large chain stretched along the mountain. It is proposed to hold on to this chain with your hands, avoiding sharp turns at a mind-boggling height above the ground. Not everyone is ready to take the risk of walking this road, but everyone who nevertheless passed this path remembers it with much more enthusiasm and more emotionally than a simple ascent on the cable car.

Extreme road to the top The view from the top of the mountain Walkway without railings You can only hold on to the chain Dangerous road in the mountains Hiking trail in the Huangshan mountains

The photographs, of course, cannot convey the sensations that the passage along such a road causes, so we advise you to watch a short video that was shot by one of the travelers just on this most dangerous section of the trail:

No less dangerous is the walk along the Royal Trail in the south of Spain - read about it in our article "Extreme tourism."

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