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10 documentaries that are in no way inferior to feature films
10 documentaries that are in no way inferior to feature films
The most interesting feature films

Some people are convinced that documentaries are not for everyone, and some consider such films to be downright boring pastime. This review contains films that will dispel refute this opinion. After all, each of these films is in no way inferior to bright and interesting feature films.

1. "Thin blue line"

Rowan Atkinson - Inspector Raymond Fowler

The protagonist of this film, who has never had any problems with the law, is harshly sentenced on the basis of just the words of a witness. Despite the fact that there is simply no serious material evidence. And at the same time, there was another suspect, to whom all sorts of evidence pointed to guilt. The director is making an attempt to conduct his own investigation, analyze the causes of the terrible crime and find out the truth - why the American police accused, perhaps, the wrong person. He introduces us to these people, clarifies the facts about the case and invites the viewer to decide for himself who is to blame.

2. "Revelations of the pyramids"

A scene from the film Revelation of the Pyramids

The mystery of the great Egyptian pyramids in Giza has been stirring people for thousands of years. Scientists from all over the world are trying in vain to give a reasonable and unified interpretation of them, to find out their true purpose. And every year millions of travelers book flights to Egypt just to see the tombs of the crowned pharaohs. The creators of this documentary offer the viewer a completely innovative perspective on what the Pyramids really are. And their arguments are pretty strong.

3. "More than honey"

Still from the movie More than honey

Incredible macro photography of the device of the bee hive and the off-screen commentary by the director-researcher of their daily hustle and bustle give the viewer a completely different look at the role of these amazing creatures in our lives. And in general, think about their origin, find out where they came from so kind. Many plant cultures simply would not exist without them, and everyone has probably heard about the colossal benefits of honey. However, the author has prepared a fly in the ointment for the viewer - he says that the bees are in danger, that the technogenic civilization can destroy them … And then what will we do?

4. "Happy people. A year in the taiga"

Shot from the movie Happy People. A year in the taiga

Werner Herzog himself drew attention and took this film for himself for revision. Such recognition for a Russian painting from the hinterland is worth a lot. The renowned director edited an abbreviated "spectator" version, for the convenience of perception and wide distribution on the screen. The emphasis is mainly on life in the taiga, while the village life remained behind the scenes. What is this film about? It is about the harmonious coexistence of the hunter and nature that can only be imagined in a dream. No harsh natural conditions here frighten a person, he will always find food and shelter for himself, and will live in the present moment. The lack of civilization does not bother them either, they have a complete understanding with the harsh world around them, which, unfortunately, a city man cannot always boast of.

5. "Bitter Lake"

Still from the film Bitter Lake

An unusual documentary film, a mixture of archival and personal filming of the director, dedicated to the study of the actions of modern power and their impact on people's lives. The author assesses recent events, local wars in our world from a completely different angle, in order to give a reasoned answer to the relationship between politics and culture. He warns that what is not always visible is what it seems at first glance. Good is not always good, sometimes everything is exactly the opposite.The picture predictably caused a lot of controversy and discussion.

6. "Sacred Roman ring"

A still from the movie Sacred Roman Circular

This observation documentary has received widespread publicity following its victory at the prestigious Venice Film Festival. Then everyone forgot the jury's verdict and decided that in vain they appreciated the documentary work so highly, when there were many good fiction films in the competition. However, recent events give rise to doubts about the "stupidity" of the judges, and even to draw a conclusion about their foresight and courage. The fact is that a new documentary by the same director again won a serious film festival, this time it was the Berlinale. So it is not far from Cannes … What is the film about? The author, as impartially as possible, observes the life of the lumpen, marginalized people who live near the ring road of Rome. He carefully and in detail assesses their lives, and also draws an association with the existence of all mankind, which, just like these unfortunate people, is just waiting for some messiah to come and take them to heaven. And I must say that help in the person of orderlies still comes to them …

7. "Buena Vista Club"

Shot from the movie Buena Vista Club

Someone calls this work the best documentary of all time, supposedly it has everything that is necessary for this. And, first of all, these are found heroes - Cuban musicians, whose starry time has long passed, but they have not forgotten how to play well. And so, the author collects these decently aged guys one by one and gives them the opportunity to give, perhaps, the last large-scale concert in their life. From the outside it looks like they are going to heaven. Warm and touching film leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

8. "Koyaaniskatsi"

Shot from the film Koyaaniskatsi

Another legendary film, a visual video essay about life in our world, about its accelerating pace. The name translates something like this - as a hectic life, always striving for change. It was created for many years, it took a long time to accumulate and assemble the material. Seemingly unrelated plots are perfectly united by the bewitching music of the great composer Philip Glass. Words are simply not needed in the film.

9. "Oceans"

Still from the film Oceans

Most of the surface of our planet is occupied by oceans. A person knows nothing at all about them, because even going down to the depths is incredibly difficult. And there is such a life! All kinds of creatures, which are much more than on earth! And everyone is so different, living in complete unity with nature … These creations and the work of the authors will certainly cause admiration and children's delight in you. That there is only a fish, swelling like a helium balloon.

10. "Ashes and Snow"

A still from the film Ashes and Snow

A meditative picture, which can hardly even be called documentary, the plot and staged shooting itself seem so complicated. How to make a man and a wild animal be safe together nearby? What should a person do for this? Incomparable landscapes and shots, by the way, the exhibition of these works was exhibited for the longest time in the Venice Gallery, so much was the interest in it.

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