Galina Ulanova - the goddess who descended from heaven to the stage
Galina Ulanova - the goddess who descended from heaven to the stage
Galina Ulanova is a world ballet star

18 years ago, on March 21, 1998, the legend of world ballet Galina Ulanova passed away. As soon as critics and fans did not call the ballerina - a goddess who descended from heaven to the stage, a man of another dimension and the soul of Russian ballet. She took her fame quite calmly and admitted that she wanted to become a sailor as a child in order to see the world.

Galina Ulanova is a beauty in life, a goddess on stage

When the director of the Mariinsky ballet troupe Sergei Nikolaevich and his wife, ballet soloist Maria Fedorovna, decided to send their little daughter Galya to a ballet school, she sobbed. After all, the girl from childhood knew how the audience's love and leading roles get. But Galina Ulanova did not manage to avoid either stage or fame.

Ulanova and Zhdanov. Ballet Romeo and Juliet

At the age of 19, Galina Sergeevna received her first leading role - Odette-Odile in Swan Lake, and left the stage, which is an unprecedented case, at 50.

Shakespeare's Juliet Ulanova has become a real event only on the stage of the Mariinsky Theater, but throughout the ballet world. The ballet to music by Prokofiev was staged in 1940. Galina Sergeevna admitted that she did not understand this music at all. And even at the banquet after the premiere she allowed herself to joke at the close of the toast: "There is no story sadder in the world than the music of Prokofiev in the ballet." But at the same time, Galina Ulanova danced simply fantastic. In 1956, this performance was shown to the prim London public. After the performance, the audience literally lifted the ballerina in her arms. Foggy Albion was conquered by Ulanovskaya Juliet, although by that time Galina Sergeevna, who was dancing the part of a young girl, was already 46 years old.

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